Thursday, July 24, 2008

friends to play with

it has been so fun having mom and some friends here this week. heather and james came to keep me company and help the camp with the video. heather and the kids have been staying with us. the kids are all really close in age and have a great time playing together which has been such a blessing. we have played in the hose, gone to the park, done some projects, and gone out to the camp every night to see our daddys and have some dinner. yesterday we made bird feeders with paper towel rolls and peanut butter. here are some pics of our week....

playing in the hose

working on our bird feeders

9 months old

Cant believe my little baby is 9 months old already. She is such an incredible sweet gift the lord has given me. she is an incredible baby and i am blessed by her all day long. she is a sweet spot in my busy crazy day with the big kids. it is really hard for me to watch her grow up. i want her to stay little forever. with the other two i wanted them to grow so fast and i was always ready for the next exciting step, with brenna i want her to stay a baby, maybe becasue she doesnt talk back yet :)

At 9 months old brenna has 4 teeth, is crawling and standing up everywhere, she has learned to clap her hands while at the camp rodeo, she loves watching the horses (it must run in her blood), she plays and laughs, she is a good eater now eating more and more table food (she would rather have it now too), she loves to crawl under the table and see what the big kids left behind, she loves to dance to music, she was almost 19 pounds at her check up and growing just like she should be.

we thank god for our kids.

Monday, July 21, 2008

cute cute cute

ok so yesterday garret shot raelyn with a nerf gun, she was crying. i asked him to appologize, so he did. after he did he wanted her to say "i forgive you". so i asked her to say it and while still crying she says "garret, i forgot to give you sumping". i laughed so hard. garret wasnt happy with the response. he knew that she didnt say it right but i was so cute. so we are still working on the whole appology and forgivness thing.

Last Week

so this is the last week of camp. mom is here and so are some friends of ours. it is nice to have some extra help for me and some friends for the kids to play with. things have been going really well at the camp. the lord is working in the lives of so many people and it is awesome to watch. this past weekend we got to spend some much needed daddy time. dave put a bunch of people in charge at the camp and came home with us friday night. it was so refreshing to have him home with us all day saturday. we had a lazy morning. the kids couldnt keep their hands off of him. we had a fun lunch and then went to the pool. i NEEDED this day so badly and it was so WONDERFUL.

so this week we are going to take it easy and hang out and be ready for daddy when he gets done with camp. please keep us and the camp in your prayers as we finish out this years camp season.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

summer time

wow. sorry tara and leah, ( i think you guys are the only ones who check in on our blog) it has been a long time, things have been busy as we have been running rental groups at the camp and getting ready for our summer camp. summer is always a hard time for me. it is hard because we never get to see dave. most of the time he spends the night out at camp and even if he does come home we are all in bed and he usually leaves in the morning before anyone is up. these are the days that i think i just cant do it one more hour. the kids are a handful and the house is a mess.... bla bla. God is doing and always does amazing things at the camp, so it is just my selfishness that wants it to be done sometimes before it even starts. we usually try to get out to the camp once a day for lunch or dinner. it is nice to see everyone and hang out for a little bit but then it is always hard to leave. garret and rae are both really sad to leave daddy and all the new big friends they make every year and i am sad becasue i know i am going to have dirty tired kids to give baths to and get in bed all by myself. dinner, bath and bed seems like the hardest time of day for me.
well i sound pretty whiny and selfish now and need to stop complaining. i am praying for strength to get through this time and that i will have a good attitude while doing it.
i have some other cute things i want to post here soon too. just need to find the time to do it.