Friday, July 31, 2009

ok i lied... two more

cant believe i forgot to post my favorite ones!

wedding part 3- last batch, i promise

the bride looked so beautiful... the wedding was at 6 so by the time we were taking pics the sun was just right!
hard hard hard to take pics at night with no flash ( i hate using the flash) and the lense i have... i need to save up for a new lense i have my eye on.
amazing food

bridesmaids getting some yummy beer
my lovely friends who asked me to come take pics- thanks guys, love you

Monday, July 27, 2009

wedding part 1

my great friends amy and nathan asked me to come and take some photos of nathans brothers wedding this past weekend. it worked out perfectly b/c my parents were still in town and could help with the kids, plus friday night was our last official night of camp, so timing was great. i was so honored that they asked me to come out and take pics at the wedding. i have had the pleasure of taking pictures of their family now a couple of times. so here are some of the photos from the big day. i really loved every part of it, taking the pics to editing them all. i took about 800! wow... thank goodness for digitial. i cant imagine having to pay to get them all developed just to proof them! get ready this is just one post of many to come. let me know what you think.
the wedding was outside at the grooms parents farm here in greeneville tn. it was lovely.
they planted wild flowers just for the wedding
the bride wore the grooms grandmothers dress. how awesome is that! she had some work done to it but i thought that was so cool.

getting ready

the brides mom helping her get her necklace on

so this is just part one of the bride getting ready. i am so addicted to this right now. it is all i can think about. i want to grow and learn all i can. i would to one day try to make some money doing this. praying for Gods direction on this hobby that i LOVE.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

summer favorites

i remember home made popsicles from when i was a kid. they were always a summer favorite of mine. my kids love them now too.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

the dentist and other things...

today i took raelyn to the dentist for the first time. i tried to get an appointment for both garret and raelyn seeing he has never been yet either but garret has been at kids farm camp all week. (side note: he is LOVING it. it is from 9 -12 mon thru friday of this week. they get to play in the creek, his favorite part, learn how to milk a cow, learn about all different farm animals, about growing and picking veggies, and how to live on a farm) ok back to raelyn at the dentist.... i was SO proud of her. she did awesome. garret is still saying he doesnt want to go, but i keep trying to get rae to tell him how "cool" it was. he lightened up a little but tonight when she was telling him about it. she got a good report and was so brave. she is growing up so fast some days.

cant believe i havent posted pics with the last two posts.... they will come, b/c the days have been so busy with daddy not here all i want to do when the kids get into bed is watch tv and veg out. but i do have some pics i want to post when i get the energy. also the FAM is coming into town on saturday. Kenzie and dad will be out at the camp all week and MOM will be here with ME! yeah it will be nice to have the company and the help. i am so looking forward to it. mom hasnt been here in a year so i have some serious cleaning and picking up to do tomorrow before she comes. i want everything to look awesome when she gets here. not that is will last long, but at least for a few minutes. :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

MOM has a blog

i helped my mom set up a blog for Lil Chicks... check it out and leave her some comments :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

happy campers

man the kids love being out at the camp! they are truly "happy campers". here they are wearing this years new camp t-shirt design.

what a ragamuffin! this is typical of how she looks while we are out at camp, a sweaty, crazy kid running all over the place having a ball.


so my link didnt work by just clicking on it. instead copy and paste it to your web browser and it will take you where you want to go.... lots of experimenting with the blog this month.

my brother scott

this is an email from my sister in law about my brother scott. i wanted to share with you all b/c i think it is so cool what he is doing and i loved how nicole wrote it out so beautifully. so blessed to have an awesome brother and sister in law.... love you guys.

Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to finally share with ya'all what my beautiful, hard-working husband has been up to! He is going on his third year with General Dynamics and for the most part is loving every minute! Work is work right! I am so proud of all that he has accomplished thus far; protecting our troops with the equipment they need as they fight to ensure our freedom! So, if you go to the following link, you will see the vehicle his team has designed. Please continue to pray for its success in the field and our troops! He is heading back to Camp Lejeune on Monday (for 2 wks :( ) to support another round of fielding.
Love, Nicole

Friday, July 10, 2009

sitting up

Baby clara can sit up now. she will be 6 months old soon! hard to believe. here are a few pics i took the other day while they were playing at our house.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

maybe, just maybe....

ok so looks like i might have figured it out but it is alot of work! you have to change each pictures html individually! i am sure there has to be an easier way. for now i will leave you with my small victory.

getting closer

ok so i figured out how to change my blog size so it will accept larger pics but i dont still have it all figured out. i tired posting another picture tonight and it didnt work again. not sure what i did the other night to make the pictures bigger. also they are blurry until you double click the picture and then they look ok. anyone out there that reads this know what i am doing wrong? help

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


ok i'll try again later.



test 2


this is a test to see if my pictures will post bigger. be patient with me if it doesnt work first time.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

we spent our forth of july out at the camp. all our staff was in town for staff training so met them at walmart, did our marathon shopping trip, stopped at a fireworks tent, and then headed back to camp for brats and burgers. after dinner we did some sparklers with the kids and then i laid brenna down. we let the "big kids" stay up a little later to watch the staff line dance. one of our kitchen staff does a lot of line dancing so she gave all our bunch some lessons. then we shot off the real fireworks. the kind of fireworks you can buy here in TN are so much cooler than what we could get in south FL. fourth of july was always a fun night for me growing up and i have lots of fun memories. i hope our kids will start building those memories as well.

and of course i have pics to post...

this crackes me up with her eyes closed
one excited little girl
cool smoke
the dining hall out at the camp... i will be working on getting a better picture of the dining hall this summer.