Tuesday, November 30, 2010

addition weeks 6 and 7

sorry i am behind on pics of the addition. these are from weeks 6 (the week before thanksgiving) and week 7 ( the week of thanksgiving)

week 6
- they installed all the trim , crown moulding, and base board
-dave primed all the walls, trim, and ceilings
-painted all the trim gloss white
-tiled both master and hall bathrooms
we put the kids to work
this is joris room. we painted the walls. since we were getting carpet on the floors we let the kids color all over the floors. they loved it.
dave grouting
daves dad came and helped trim out the house.

week 7- on monday before we left for FL for thanksgiving they guys took down the wall between the old part and the new part of the house. they also installed the new cabinets so that the granite company could come and measure for the tops.

these are the book cases dave built and stone will be going up on the fire place
the stair treads were stained and installed
then while we were gone the guys worked a few days as well. they installed the wood floor up stairs
installed the bathroom vanity, toilet and painted the walls in the hall bath
painted the master bedroom
and painted the master bath and installed toilet
whooo.... im tired. things are getting closer and closer. i CANT wait to actually be using it.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

addition week 5

siding is going up and finished on one side
more work on the roof and siding on this side. also more work on the walkway leading to the doors.
drywall is up- in the picture below where you still see insulation is where the wall is going to come down and open up into the kitchen. dave is waiting to do that until the very end so we are not getting dust and construction in the old part of the house.
now the dry wall is mudded

above... this is the hallway up stairs leading to joris room, laundry closet, and master bedroom/bath
friday night we prepped the concrete floor downstairs for stain, saturday we stained and sunday dave started working on the new built in book cases that will go on either side of the fire place.

still cant believe we are really doing this and it is really going to be ours! God is good.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Shutterfly's Holiday Card Promotion

As a mom who takes tons of photos, i try to make sure that i dont just leave them on a disk on the computer but actually make prints of them as well. i love to scrapbook but even if i dont have the time to scrap them all i still love to put them in a simple album and keep the dates straight. i usually have my prints made from Shutterfly.com.

right now Shutterfly has a great Holiday Card collection and an even greater promotion for bloggers who love to use shutterfly. they are offering bloggers 50 FREE photo cards!! this is a great deal. sending out christmas cards can become expensive. i always love to include a photo in my christmas card so this deal really caught my attention. one of my favorite parts of christmas, even growing up, was getting cards in the mail and looking at the photos of our family and friends. now that i have my own family i enjoy sending out cards just as much as receiving them.

Shutterfly has an incredible amount of card designs to choose from. click here to check them out. you can choose from a layout with just one photo or ones that hold many photos. they also have an entire collection of christian christmas cards. here are just two that i like.
they also have a line of christmas gift tags. i like this idea as they come with your family's name on them so you are not hand writing each one. below is a fun example. click here to see more.
and last but not least they have a line of story cards. these christmas cards give you the opportunity to catch everyone up a little bit on your year. a mini family newsletter. some years i enjoy writing a quick note about our family milestones and this is a really cute way to do it.
to see more story cards, click here.

if you are a blogger and want to get 50 free cards, it is really easy. follow this link.

i hope your creative juices are flowing. i know that i am thinking right now of the pictures i want to use for our cards this year.
so go check out shutterfly and start thinking about which photo and card you want to send out this year.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

trick or treating

alright... this will be the last halloween post, i promise. the week before halloween was packed full of fun activities.
tuesday night we got all dressed up and headed to garrets school for halloween halls. each grade level decorates a section of the hallway and they invite the students and their families to come back one night and trick or treat the halls. it is really fun. they classes get so creative. we have enjoyed making that a tradition over the last couple of years.
thursday the girls and i enjoyed trunk or treat in the church parking lot with all of our MOPS friends.
i even got a picture of me and my sweet girl
everybody checking out their goodies and eating a snack
such a good big sister.

then on saturday, yes, saturday we went trick or treating in a neighborhood. here in greeneville i guess they never trick or treat on a sunday if halloween falls on a sunday, so we joined up with some friends and found a great neighborhood to trick or treat in. the weather was just perfect. a little cool but not to cold. the kids had a blast and got SO much candy.

i love this last picture of dave with the girls. brenna wanted one of us to go with her up to the houses. so much of the time she seems so grown up, it is nice to have her want our help every now and then :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

dressing up

princess brenna! brenna is all about the girly, fancy, sparkly, shiny. she had in her head she wanted to be a princess. gram poirier made this dress for her for her birthday. you can tell by the look on her face how much she LOVED this dress.
showing off her fancy shoes.
indian warrior garret. i had a great time creating the costumes for garret and raelyn. they were super thrifty as all i had to buy was a two pack of pillow cases. everything else i already had in our craft supplies. the hot glue gun was my best friend for this project.

indian princess raelyn... what a beauty she is. i put a little bit of make up on the girls. after i did, i felt like rae looked so grown up. i told dave later that night that she is NEVER allowed to wear makeup :)

froggy jori... this costume was garrets for his first halloween. i LOVE that i can use some of the things that he wore for the girls. such a cute little frog she was.
we love dressing up. i loved it as a kid and now i love it as a mom dressing up my kids.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


i love halloween... this will be one of a few posts i will put up about our halloween. i love the creativity that comes with it. creating costumes and dressing up, carving pumpkins, colorful leaves, cooler temps, fun games, fun with friends, candies and treats. we invited some of our friends over for a pumpkin carving party. we played in the leaves, ate a picnic lunch and then went to town carving. the kids out numbered the adults so there were lots of pumpkins for the adults to carve.
brenna helping dad push out the eyes of her pumpkin
by the time dad got around to doing his, he got out the power tools! cheater!
garret did awesome and carved this own pumpkin ALL by HIMSELF this year. he stuck with it and did a great job.
here is the whole crowd with their pumpkins. such fun!
i love how the pumpkins are all so different. we had the kids draw on a piece of paper what they wanted their faces to look like. then we tried to do the carvings just like their pictures. brenna even drew what she wanted hers to look like. from left to right, brenna, raelyn, garret, and daddy.

addition week 4

ok so things are all kind of starting to run together. i will try my best to give last weeks update.
they completely finished the new roof.
they added another small roof over the french doors to help break up the height of the exterior wall
they worked on re-directing our path so that it goes right to the french doors

they did all the rough electric and plumbing

they installed all the windows and doors
and we passed our framing inspection on friday! it was a good week. drywallers are here today, cant wait to show you what it looks like with drywall up.