Thursday, September 30, 2010

girl friends

dave sent me on a wonderful trip to south florida to visit with my mom for a couple of days before the labor day holiday. i flew down with just jori and we totally enjoyed our one on one time with each other. while i was down there mom put together a little dessert and fellowship time with some special ladies in my life.
jen was able to come too with her new little girl as well. the girls are about 3 or 4 weeks apart. jens baby was 10+ pounds when she was born so they almost look the same size.
these are all friends from HIGH SCHOOL! i am so blessed to still have these ladies in my life. love you.


ok so i am going way back again here. we had a very small party for garrets 7th birthday. we just had one family over and built rockets and launched them in the back yard. the kids had a blast! we also enjoyed a little cake. here are the pics of our fun day.

dirt bike cake
little sam watching garret help him with this rocket

these rockets were really cool. they had little compartments you could put things in... the boys chose to put bugs in theres and send them for a ride.
the gang all posing for a pic
another little bug ready for launch
dave was great helping the kids with their rockets and then launching them. i think he had a pretty good time too. he is most certainly a kid at heart.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

and now a whole new look

thanks to leah AGAIN for helping me with my header. i guess i forgot everything she told me last time b/c it had been so long since i had changed it. so in her sweetness she adjusted my picture to make it fit. THANKS Leah... you can check out her blog here.

so what do you think of the new look. i think it is a little busy. not sure i will keep the background. but hey maybe it will inspire me to get some more blogging done. :) i have a few posts all sorted out in my head that just need to get on the computer.

hopefully i will be back soon.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

new header

ok... so it's not perfect, but it's late and i cant seem to figure it out. at least it isnt 2 years old :)