Wednesday, June 30, 2010

science week: sandwich bag explosion

here is another one of our favorites from science week. again we focused on chemical reactions. we made sandwich bag explosions. here is the link to the site for the instructions
measuring out our ingredients

our two main components used to make our chemical reaction... aka explosion

the bag fills up with the gasses formed when combining the baking soda and vinegar and then eventually it pops open. the kids thought this was great. i was a little dissapointed with the explosion, not as exciting as i thought it would be, but the kids again loved it.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

science week: soft shelled egg

i had mentioned earlier that i had wanted to do little lessons with the kids this summer. both to keep garrets brain ready for school and help me get through the long days. we had science week and the kids LOVED it. each day we did a little experiment. i wanted to share some of them because maybe your kids would enjoy them as well. this one was called the soft shelled egg. you can find lots of lesson plans on this idea, here is one talked all about how experiments need ingredients or supplies... here is lynnsey helping rae pour vinegar over the egg.
we took nots and wrote down vocabulary words. garret really doent like to write but this was good practice for him. some words we learned were, acid, chemical reaction, and calcium carbonate.
here is the chemical reaction starting to take place. i am not going to write out all the details as you can just click the link above.
garret, proud of his science notes!
it worked! after 24 hours of the egg soaking in vinegar (an acid) we turned a hard shelled egg soft by producing a chemical reaction and dissolving the calcium from the egg shell. the kids thought this was so great. i thought it was pretty cool too.


not sure if any of you have ever visited but it is one of my favorites. it is all homemade items. i have fallen in love with some of the jewelry i have seen on there and treated my self to some new necklaces.
i got this one a few months ago and wear it all the time. if you want to check out her site go here:

i have also always wanted a locket. when i saw this, it was perfect. i still have not put anything inside. when i do, i will post a new pic. if you want to check out any of this artists items go here:

Saturday, June 19, 2010

10th anniversary!!!

wow... it is still hard for me to wrap my mind around us being married for 10 years! on june 10th we celebrated our 10 year anniversary. we dont usually get to celebrate on the actual day because it is a busy camp time and we usually have a group booked. daves parents gave us a 24 hour get away with no kids in may to help us celebrate. we stayed at a lovely suit in pigeon forge. to be honest most of what we did was SLEEP! but we both obviously needed it. it was a really nice restful getaway. just wish it could have been longer.

well when our actual anniversary date came around we were able to get a little bit of time just the two of us. we headed to knoxville and enjoyed MELTING POT. one of our all time fav restaurants. bringing a pregnant lady to melting pot is very good idea. :) every bit was bliss, and so was the company :) we had really good conversation and joked how we at least still had things to talk about after 10 years.
here are some other lovely, high quality photos from the iphone.
i borrowed some great heals from a friend. couldnt walk in them, but they sure looked good.

dave picked out these flowers for me and had them waiting on my desk in the morning. they were beautiful. i love having fresh flowers in the house.
he also totally surprised me with this ring to wear with my engagement ring. he had handed it off to the waitress at the melting pot without me knowing so when we were eating dessert she had brought it out to me. it is beautiful but needs a little tweaking to make it work with my ring, so no pics of it on my finger yet. i cant wait to get it. i was not so in to jewelry at the time we got married and i liked things very simple. now as i have "matured" (ha ha) i guess i am liking to show off that diamond a little more :)

i am so blessed. david is an amazing man. he has made me who i am today. i was so young when i got married that i feel like most of my "growing up" has been with him. he has given me so many great blessings including a wonderful family. i love him so much. cant imagine life without him.

strawberries and silly bands

i finally downloaded some pics from my iphone today and came across a few cuties... last year we planted some strawberry plants in our flower garden. they have a pretty white flower on them as they start to produce fruit so they look really nice out there. it is long past strawberry season now and we didnt get to the berries before most of them were eaten by other visitors to the garden but we did get a few that were just right.
i also wanted to share about silly bands. now i guess these things are pretty popular with the kids these days. i had never heard of them, but GRANDMA KAY (still cant believe she was up on the trends before i had ever heard of them) got some for the grandkids. the kids love them. it reminds me of the days of slap bracelets, EG socks, and BONGO shorts. fun memories of fads that come in and go out again.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ella Joy

my good friend marcie had her sweet baby girl on May 14, 2010. it is hard to believe she is already 3 weeks old. she came over for a little visit and quick photo shoot the other day. i just wanted to share this beautiful baby with you all.
gorgeous little lips
look at all that pretty hair.
perfect little toes
showing off her pretty eyes
it is hard for me to remember how tiny they are for only such a short time. i love the newborn stage and cant wait for our little newborn to be here.

giddy up...

last weekend we took the girls to their first horse show. aunt debbie and cousins, katie and sydney, had told about about the show and helped us get all ready for it. on friday night before the show we went out to the barn and cleaned lily all up. we gave her a bubble bath and trimmed her mane. daddy and rae practiced riding in the ring. she is getting so good at steering that horse all by herself. of course brenna wants to do everything the big kids do so she rode a little on sydneys horse while syd led them around the ring. syd had offered for brenna to ride her horse in the show for the lead line class. brenna thought that was the BEST! so saturday morning dave and debbie trailered the horses out to where the show was and the girls and i met him there. this is rae when we first got there. she was so excited, just taking it all in.

here are all the girls, big and little, katie and sydney are so great with our girls. rae and brenna just adore them. it was so special to share the day all together. from left to right, brenna, sydney, katie and raelyn.
such a proud girl sitting up there on summer. it was hard to get her back off for sydney to ride her when it was her turn.
they each got their own numbers! so official.
waiting their turns to go in the ring
a quick kiss from dad
the class we entered them in is called a lead line class. pretty much all they do is hold on while someone leads them and the horse around the ring. it is just so they can get a taste of being in a show.
at the end, they all line up for the judges. the judge says "its to close to call" so all the little kids get a TROPHY! how exciting is that! the girls thought they were big stuff.
we also entered raelyn in a walking class where she had to steer the horse all by herself. she was by far the youngest in the class. b/c it was her first time daddy walked next to her but she did a really good job. she said next time she will be ready to do it all by herself! so proud of her. rae can get pretty shy sometimes and to be honest i thought we were going to have to push her to do this but she did really great and was such a good sport. i was so proud of her.

and i cant leave garret out... what a trooper he was! horses arent his thing but he was super excited for his sisters and didnt complain once about being there. it was a really hot day and he did great.

Monday, June 7, 2010

summer check list

--$2.00 sprinkler from Big Lots- CHECK
the kids love to play in the sprinkler! such a fun way to cool off. they play until the grass is soggy and their bodies are pruned.
---homemade sandbox- CHECK
the kids had been enjoying the sand box at the park and at a few friends houses, so i asked dave if he would build one for us this summer. dave is not a fan of the sandbox and wonders why any kid would want to sit in sand and get all dirty :) i loved playing in the sand box when i was little. as you can see dad gave in and built us a great summer activity. you know it is a big hit when you find sand in the lint screen of the dryer, and everywhere else for that matter.
---"home school" lesson plans--CHECK
to help me get through the days as much as the kids, i have come up with 5 weeks of short lesson plans to do with the kids. each week has a theme and then for about and hour each day, after we do our chores, we sit down for what garret calls "home school". it is really hard coming up with an activity that is suitable for all three kids on such different levels. not sure how real homeschool moms do it. so the themes i have come up with are, math, science, art, social studies and reading and writing. here the girls are working on their shapes during math week. garret got to spend some time on the computer doing math problems while the girls did their shapes. next week we will be working on science. i think garret will really enjoy it.

--everyone has a bike to ride-- CHECK
we got raelyn a new bike last week. she loves it. she had been riding a little tricycle since she was 2 but brenna had pretty much taken that over and it was really to small for rae. so brenna got raes hand-me-down and rae got a fun new bike. it is great to watch all three of them ride their bikes in the back yard.
--last but not least, LYNNSEY- CHECK
(no photo yet, but i am sure to get one soon)
this summer with dave being gone for about two months and me being pregnant we decided we would need to look into some outside help. the lord is so good how he works things out. we have a studio apartment above our garage and had heard of a young college student who needed a place to rent from may-dec. so, long story short, lynnsey is not only our tenant but also our "nanny". she is working for us for the months of june and july as a second set of hands for me. she works 3 full days 9am to 8pm and one half day 12 to 9pm. she has been such a blessing to me already in the short time she has been with us. the kids ADORE her, especially the girls. she is an answer to prayer and we are so thankful for her.... the best part, i have been able to take a nap and a shower every day she has been here :)