Thursday, November 20, 2008

i never want to forget...

tonight we were eating a dinner that was a little bit spicy. garret gobbled it right down and didnt say anything about it being a little hot. after he was all done he said "man this dinner is a little spicy and makes my rims hurt". he was pointing to the roof of his mouth and his gums. :) it made me laugh, so he knew he wasnt right when he said "rims". we told him the correct term and get everything figured out. i just love when the kids say cute things like that. i want to remember them forever and the only way that will happen is if i write them down.

Monday, November 17, 2008

guardian angels

i know for sure there are guardian angels protecting me and and my family every day but today in particular i felt them super close. i was in my first ever car accident today coming home from getting garret from school. someone pulled right out in front of me and i tried to swerve around her but we still hit. i had all the kids in the car, raelyn got really scared and was screaming but everyone ended up being fine. there was someone right behind me and he stopped. i asked him if he could stay until i got my thoughts together and the police got there. he offered to put the kids in his warm truck. he even had a carseat in there so i strapped brenna in and all the kids stayed warm. he was such a nice guy. we didnt talk much but he stayed right next to me in the freezing cold until a friend could come and get the kids. soon after she came the police finally got there and then just a few minutes after that dave got there. it seemed like an eternity until i saw him. he was so calm and caring. he is the best thing that ever happened to me. other than my stomach being in knots i really felt fine. the air bags did not go off so that was a good thing, but the van had to be towed and is probably totaled. we will find that out tomorrow. God is good and was a part of eveything that happened today. dave was all the way out at the camp so it took him awhile to get into town, but it took the police so long to get there, the timing was just right. the kids were all perfect, the man who stayed with me and kept the kids warm in his truck, the police officer was super nice and down to earth, carrie my good friend came and got the kids and another friend picked up a pizza and brought it over to us for dinner. i am blessed even through bad circumstances. God is good to me and i am so thankful.

"i'm gonna eat some deer"...

a friend of ours shot a deer this past weekend and we are going to share the meat with him. dave, garret and raelyn met the guy (and the deer) at the butcher shop yesterday and ever since then raelyn cant stop talking about "eating that deer". she is so exctied and wasnt freaked out at all by the sight of the dead deer. garret on the other hand says he doesnt want to eat any of it. :) i think it is neat that they are being exposed to hunting and then preparing and eating what was killed. we got to talk about how God puts animals on the earth to provide food for us to eat and how we can also respect the wildlife and only kill what you will eat. anyway, i'll let you know how our first meal with the deer meat turns out. raelyn will love it, I am sure.

Monday, November 3, 2008

donuts with daddy

raelyn is in florida right now with dave and enjoying special time with gram and papa p. my mom took raelyn to the gorcery store today and while they were shopping raelyn asked mom for donuts. mom asked her.."does mommy buy donuts?" and raelyn response was, "no, but daddy does!" :) BUSTED daddy! raelyn sure has her daddy wrapped around her little finger.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

more halloween

so to be quiet honest i am pretty halloweeded out. on tuesday we dressed up garret and raelyn for halloween halls at garrets school, then on thursday garret dressed up again for his class party at school that me and the girls helped out at, then on friday in the morning we went to church and did truck or treat all dressed up and then got all dressed up AGAIN for friday night. it was alot of work getting all three ready to go with all their accessories in tact. we had a fun time at truck or treat but it was freezing, then we went to a friends house that lives in a neighborhood with side walks to trick or treat. here are a few more pics of our little kiddos all dressed up.