Thursday, January 27, 2011

jori 6 months

peek-a-boo guess who's 6 MONTHS!! so i am only about 6 days behind this time, not one month like the previous updates.
her first tooth broke through on her six month birthday. since then she has been sucking her bottom lip. so cute.
these next pictures make me laugh out loud. i was trying to focus on getting pictures of her sweet toes and she started grabbing the chub on her belly. :) so cute. i could just eat her up, and take photos of her all day long.

and yes, she is now scooting up on her knees! i am NOT ready for her to be crawling yet, but i guess she is. i am sure by the time i do her 7 month updates it will include crawling.

a few more 6 month details:
-i finished her bedroom
-she sits up in bath tub or in sink for baths
-sits up in a highchair at restaurants
-is still figuring out the food thing... poor baby has been very constipated. took her to doc and they gave us a few things to try, still doesnt seem to be helping to much.
-belly laughs at the kids when they talk to her
-holds a bottle
-gets tired of her toys and wants whatever the big kids have

i just love the baby stage. i think b/c the constant talking to and listening to of the big kids wears me out, i like it when the babies cant talk yet :) i just always have loved having them as babies. the lord has blessed us with really easy going babies and i am grateful.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

UPSTAIRS: jori's room

finally getting to load in some pictures of the upstairs. i will start with jori's room since her room is the only one that is closest to done.
i made the bumper for jori's crib from some fabric that i choose from moms stash again. she had the perfect fabrics to go with the light blue and red country theme i was going for.

the ONLY thing that we purchased new for her room is the cute pillow on the rocking chair. i fell in love with when we visited IKEA at thanksgiving and mom got it as a christmas gift for me. everything else in the room were things we had in other rooms that we made work in here. i love when it all comes together.
this little table and lamp was an end table next to the sofa in our old living room, the rocking chair was in the sun room, the boxes we made for garrets nursery when he was a baby ( i just added some fabric to the backs of them), and the sweet bird picture was hand stitched by my talented friend heather.
... seriously talented :)
this little book case used to be mackenzie's when she was a little girl. they gave it to us about a year ago and i held on to it hoping one day we would have a place for it. it used to be white with pink flowers and i painted it red and tried to antique it a little. dad made the cute letter "J" plaque for jori for christmas and i recovered the little circle frames with fabric that would match the color scheme.

so thats it... i love going in there. i think it turned out sweet and i love even more that it only took pennies to pull it all together.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

jan 18th- a happy day

at 8:01am on January 18th, 2006, i heard the words of our nurse say "well, daddy, you were right. it's a girl!" and just like that i became a mommy to my first born daughter! and how amazing she was. a head full of dark hair. fuzzy dark hair that stuck straight up. we called her tina turner. she was the biggest of my babies weighing in at 8lbs 7oz and was the shortest of my babies at 19 1/2 inches long. wish i had a picture to share here but when my hard drive got whipped out those pictures were on it. dont have time to scan a picture right now, but i am enjoying looking through her scrap book and thinking back on the beautiful baby girl that she was.....
and now as i am typing this she is sitting next to me doing a "project", glueing, painting, crafting away. she LOVES being creative and making art and i love watching her. she has her own little style. when she colors in a coloring book, she makes the trees purple and the pigs blue. i tell her all the time that i love that she colors that way. i know she knows the real color of a tree and a pig, but when you are creating art, you can make up the rules. i tell her, she is the artist, she can make it how ever she wants. i pray that no one will ever squash the little creative funky artist side that makes her who she is.

i also love how she loves nature. she is crazy about animals, including bugs and dinosaurs! she knows so much about dinosaurs. she loves school and doing school work. i think she will love kindergarten when she goes next year. she loves to write her letters and words, so different from garret. speaking of garret, her and garret are best buds. first thing she does in the morning is go in his room and wake him up. although we beg her not to do this and she gets scolded when she does, thinking about it now makes me smile.

so, happy birthday beautiful girl. i pray you will always know you are a beautiful girl, loved first and perfectly by your heavenly father and loved secondly by your not so perfect earthly family. stay strong and confident, loving and peaceful, and silly and sweet.

Monday, January 17, 2011

well the snow is FINALLY melting and the kids are back in school today. a day they were supposed to have off, but now we are making up snow days already. it sure has been crazy here! the snow was fun a pretty for awhile, but this florida girl is ready for SPRING! here are a few more pics of when we had the most snow.
can you see how deep it is? the kids were LOVING it.

i love this photo of dave and jori

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

white out

i just had to change the blog header. the warmness of the old one almost made me sad when i saw it. i missed it so much. so here is the new winter header... i cant believe how much snow we have had recently! this is the most i have ever seen here and that has actually stayed for days. since saturday it has been snowing off and on here so the snow that hits the ground stays and the temps have been so cold, none of it is really melting off. the kids only went back to school for three days after christmas and have been off again for the 4th day in a row. probably wont have school again tomorrow either. our roads are pretty clear but since garret goes to a county school, the buses cant get to some of the county students b/c the roads are still bad, so they cancel school. garret loves it of course. we have actually been doing pretty good. i think having a little more space really helps this year. we were on top of eachother last year and it was a lot harder.

we went sledding on monday and i even got to go! we went out to the camp with some of our friends from sunday school and had a blast. kay was great to watch jori for me and even brenna when she just got pooped out. the hill is gigantic and super fast and then we take the all terrain vehicle back up the hill and dont have to hike back up. it is so fun. garret is a crazy guy on the hill, he just loves it. rae was very brave too. she loved going down by herself, she just needed someone at the bottom to stop her. a great friend gave us a little video camera for christmas and we took some little video. i need to figure out how to get it on the blog and i will share soon. i didnt bring my camera. i wanted to just enjoy this time :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

jori 5 months

so here i am trying to play catch up again before this sweet thing turns SIX months old on me. on dec 20th jori turned 5 months old. she is just the sweetest thing ever.
jori can sit up now without help. she mastered this by the time my parents were here to visit so it was fun for them to see her sitting up. she also loves playing with toys and now grabs the whole basket and spills them out to play with.
finally her sweet smile on camera :)
and this is her famous "sky diving" pose. we love it and crack up when she does it.

some other 5 month milestones:
-she has started some solids. mostly rice... and prunes to balance out the rice that is making her constipated :( poor girl. she has also had some peas and sweat potatoes. i am trying to make some of her baby food again as well. she is a good eater and has liked everything she has tried so far.
-some nights she sleeps straight through the night 11 hours, some nights she cries a little and goes back to sleep and some nights i am up with her numerous times. not sure what that is all about. i try hard to keep her schedule during the same pretty similar from day to day.
-she had her first christmas and first time out in the snow.
-her room is almost complete. finally had some time to sew the bumper for her crib. (pics to come)
-the kids love playing with her now that she is sitting up. she also spits up ALOT and seems to always get the kids. when she does spit up they call it a "spit up bomb" pretty funny. they laugh and then she laughs. it super cute.

well i hear the sweet girl waking up from her nap now so i better go.

new years with the poiriers

mom, dad, and mack came up to TN on the wednesday after christmas and helped us bring in the new year together. they of course came bearing gifts and the kids were excited to have another christmas with them. they just love having time with the three of them. kenzie and the kids all got along really well this time and it was great having them here. the picture below might be one of my favorites right now! i just love it. (poor jori slept through another christmas)
me and my beautiful sis, mackenzie.
gram snuggling with her girl raelyn
since moms birthday is on new years day, we always try to do something a little special for her. on new years eve, her brother and sister in law came over for a visit and we all went to a fantastic rib place for dinner. the kids and i made her a blueberry cake that was super yummy and we even got fireworks and put on a little show for her. the kids loved it, probably more than mom did :)

daves parents came to dinner with us and then watched the fire works show as well.
we had to grab a picture of the kids with the grandparents and mack. we sure did have a run time together. wish kenzie could have seen some of the great snow, but we did have some really nice weather while they were here.
and one last shot of all the girls. kenzie got the little girls their camo shirts. :)
happy new year!

Friday, January 7, 2011


it snowed all night christmas night so the next day it was a winter wonderland. we got all suited up and went out to play...the above picture is of the dining hall at the camp
jori staying warm with grandpa george
the little cousins
rae and her daddy... two peas in a pod. they have such a neat relationship. i love watching them together.

big cousin katie pulling the girls back up the hill
i dont think she is having fun at all... :)

this kid was a snow maniac... he couldnt even stop to let me take a picture. he had a blast sledding. the camp has a really good hill that goes really fast. he couldnt get enough. fun times.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas morning

we spent christmas eve at the wids so we woke up christmas morning at there house with all the cousins. (see everyone in the background? we had a full house!)
brenna wanted a flashlight :)

jori enjoying some cuddles from grandma kay while the big kids opened gifts

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Eve

2010 was a Widmaier family christmas. we spent a couple of days out at the camp with daves parents, brother and family and sister and family. christmas eve we spent some time doing the advent wreath. steve and katie had brought theirs with them and i was so glad because we have been doing it as well at our house and i didnt bring ours. we lit the candles, read the scripture and sang hymns. the kids did a great job being calm and respectful. it is a tradition i want to continue from year to year.

at the end we lit candles and turned the lights out and sang Silent Night. it was a really special time.