Wednesday, December 31, 2008

wordless wednesday

i saw on another friends blog, where she just posted a pic with no words on wednesday, i like the idea so here is the first of many i hope.

Monday, December 29, 2008

fun at the farm

because the weather was so nice we spent a lot of the time outside. we rode horses...

and atvs...

widmaier christmas

we spent this christmas with daves entire family. his brother and their three kids, his sister and her four kids, us and our gang, and daves uncle and aunt and their daughter. it was a loud, fun, crazy, fast christmas. the kids all had a GREAT time playing together. debbies kids are all in high school but the rest of the gang are all about the same exact ages. debs kids were a huge help and the little guys loved playing with them. on christmas eve they all opened new jammies.

this is a pic of the kids waking up with daddy on christmas morning

waiting to open stockings!

new camera

dave got me a new camera for christmas. it is a Nikon D60. it takes great pictures, i feel like i need to take some lessons on how to really use it though. it has been fun experimenting here are some shots i took raelyn.

where did it go?

ok so i pretty much missed all of the month of december with my blogging. it has really gone by so fast! i feel like i need to decompress. we did so much it seems like. at this point i dont think i will be going backwards to far to blog, but one of my new years resolutions is to be a better blogger. we will see. hope you all had a great christmas!

our christmas tree... usually by the end of december i am pretty ready to take the tree and christmas decorations down, this year each time i look at it i cant believe it is time to take it down already.

i love our nativity

garrets last day of school was the 19th. we all picked him up from school and then spent the day together as a family. it was a great day. the weather was a little warmer and we had so much fun. we went to the aqurium and then to DollyWood. this is a pic in front of one of the amazing trees at Dollywood. the lights at chrsitmas time are so wild!

this pictures make me laugh. this was the sunday before christmas. dave had to be a church early b/c he was playing the drums in the service so i tried taking some pics of the kids all dressed up before we left. brenna was not having it at all, but the big kids were hamming it up! these are my favs.

Friday, December 5, 2008

snow day

we got some snow this past week and even got to go pick out our tree when there was some snow on it. not as authentic as cutting one down our selfs but it was still fun. one year i want to try and do that.

Spider Monkeys

we signed garret up for a indoor soccer league through the YMCA. his first game was this past tuesday. we didnt now anyone else that had signed up with us so i was a little concerned that garret would be shy. we knew he would love it if he was brave enough to just go out there and play. God is so good. i see him work in the little things all the time. when we got to the field we saw that 2 of garrets good buds were on his team. Jay, a little boy from his pre-school class and "J", a little girl from his kindergarten class now. and to top all that off, the coach was one of his teacher aids from preschool last year! i was so relieved that he would know someone and have a good time with all of them. it was so fun to watch him play. he was a ham though, every time he would run past where we were sittting, he would wave :) we have to teach him to keep his eye on the ball. they have no practices, just get out there and play. we are so proud of him and so thankful for the way the Lord has our lives planned out, even right down to the 5 year old soccer team that garret is on.... oh yeah, they are called the spider monkeys, which garret just thinks is the coolest.

it was really hard to get a good shot in dark areana without it being blurry..... just think it is a really good action shot :)

ha ha, this one makes me laugh with garret looking the opposite direction. this was taken before the ball was actually in play though.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

trying to get creative

i wanted to take some shots of scott and nicole and logan and jolynn that had a little creative touch. it was fun!

family photo shoot

since we were all together we wanted to get a family picture. i think it turned out really good considering we used a tripod and camera timer!