Tuesday, December 2, 2008

wild turkey

just a day before we were heading to leave for Florida, dave shot a wild tureky with his shot gun. he called mom and asked is she would want to cook the wild turkey too. she said YES! so we packed up the bird on some dry ice and brought it down with us. we tenderized it, marinated it, and cooked it on the rotisserie. it was SO good. the store bought turkey took a little longer to cook than we thought, so we all ended up eating all of the wild turkey and only some of the other one. yummy!!!! wish you could taste it.

we made chocolate covered pretzles as place cards for the thanksgiving table


leah said...

Love the chocolate covered pretzel idea for the placecards! That is awesome that you guys got to eat some wild turkey too!!

Tara said...

That wild turkey did look good! Great shot, Dave! And I love the idea of the chocolate covered pretzels for place cards- What a beautiful table! Love ya!