Saturday, November 1, 2008

more halloween

so to be quiet honest i am pretty halloweeded out. on tuesday we dressed up garret and raelyn for halloween halls at garrets school, then on thursday garret dressed up again for his class party at school that me and the girls helped out at, then on friday in the morning we went to church and did truck or treat all dressed up and then got all dressed up AGAIN for friday night. it was alot of work getting all three ready to go with all their accessories in tact. we had a fun time at truck or treat but it was freezing, then we went to a friends house that lives in a neighborhood with side walks to trick or treat. here are a few more pics of our little kiddos all dressed up.

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Leah and Kyle said...

such cute costumes! I know what you mean... I just had to dress up twice and it was exhausting!