Sunday, March 7, 2010

girls weekend 2010

this past weekend 5 of my best friends from HIGH SCHOOL, yep thats right, high school, got together to catch up and eat up. :) it is amazing how god has really keep us together and a part of each others lives for this many years. two of the girls live in nashville, two live in the atlanta area and two of us live out here in the tn/nc area. our first get together was in 2007 when three of us were all pregnant at the same time! then we have been lucky enough for this to be our 3rd time all being together. i invited everyone to come to our place which was about a 4 hour drive for the friends from nashville and atlanta. they were all so kind to spend their time and money to get here. i loved every minute!! and let me tell you, we used up just about every minute. we didnt go to bed until after 2 both nights. we were all pretty tired this morning but it was all well worth it.
from left to right: katie, leah and charlotte, lori, lauren, and heidi
on saturday afternoon we headed outside for a quick photo shoot. the weather was great, such a welcome change that is for sure! they were all troopers although no one wanted to do photos by themselves i think they turned out so pretty. the lighting was great and i have gorgeous friends! :) both inside and out!
this is lauren... she will be graduating from vanderbuilt this may with a midwifery degree. we al had fun sharing birth stories. i think it is so amazing that one of my friends is delivering babies. just wish she could deliver mine. i am trying to talk her into being around east tenn around my due date! so proud of you lauren!

this is leah... she is holding her yummy daughter charlotte. charlie will be turning one in about a week and then leah will be having her third baby in just a few more weeks. she is a great mom, so laid back. i guess you have to be when you are going to have three kids under the age of 2 1/2. she is an amazing wife and mom and always makes us laugh.

this is katie... she is a mom of 5! look at how beautiful this lady is! i could have taken pics of her and little gil all day long. gil is the most laid back little guy. we never even heard him once the entire weekend. i think he was enjoying some one on one time with momma and i know katie enjoyed it as well.
this is lori... she is the newlywed of the bunch. although a year and half sure has flown by. she has the most beautiful smile and her laugh is contagious. she is also GREAT with kids. she can make some serious sweets too! our tummys were very thankful for all loris goodies.

this is heidi... she is the mother of two of the best behaved children in the world. she is such a good mom. not only are they well behaved they are beautiful too. this momma can still pull off a toe touch too.
we all took turns cooking delicious meals, we talked and laughed for hours, we ate a nice lunch at a little sandwich shop, we prayed, we cried, we crammed a ton into a short amount of time and loved every second of it.

i also have to thank dave so much for staying out at his parents with the wid kids so that there were enough places for everyone to sleep while they were here. he was a trooper and he and the kids had a great time together too. he is an awesome husband and dad

i love you girls and miss you already!

if you are interested in seeing any more of the mommy and baby photos you can visit my other blog bwid photography.


leah said...

Girl weekends are the best. So neat that you all still keep in touch!!

Tara said...

So glad that you guys did this!!! Sounds like a wonderful weekend!!!

Lori said...

i can't thank you enough for having us Bonnie! You are a great host and an awesome friend! Love you girlie!

Ruth Poirier said...

how beautiful, all of you look, like you did in high school. so neat to see you are all still in touch and take the time to get together. glad to hear you had a great time.

Kristin said...

Looks like fun!! When can we have a college girls weekend!? That one might just be you and me though ;)

Lauren said...

So fun! You do such a great job, Bonnie of capturing the moment. What great memories you have given us. Thanks so much!

Brook said...

Wow! How amazing. :) Sounds like it was a great time!!!!