Monday, May 31, 2010

memorial day weekend

pretty sad sitting here in tennessee while the rest of my family is at sebring for this lovely holiday weekend. lots of things kept us from being able to make it down there this weekend. i know things change and we can not always do what we want to do, but i'm still bummed. i have such relaxing, peaceful, fun, memories of being there. i hope that we will be able to make it down in september for labor day weekend. we will see. hope everyone had a good holiday weekend. did you get to travel or did you stay put?


Ruth Poirier said...

we all missed you, dave and the kids so much. it was sad on our end too. i know dave prayed for rain, and it did. both afternoons, the day we have to leave it's sunny. hope all is well. love you and miss you.

Tara said...

We stayed put too. Sorry that you guys didn't get to go to Seabring. Maybe one year we'll get to join you guys down there? How fun would that be!!!

Lou said...

Hi, Bonnie. You may not be painting, but you are definitely taking some incredible pictures! I LOVE your work! I have missed you ever since our little bonding trip to NYC. You are a blessing.