Saturday, June 19, 2010

strawberries and silly bands

i finally downloaded some pics from my iphone today and came across a few cuties... last year we planted some strawberry plants in our flower garden. they have a pretty white flower on them as they start to produce fruit so they look really nice out there. it is long past strawberry season now and we didnt get to the berries before most of them were eaten by other visitors to the garden but we did get a few that were just right.
i also wanted to share about silly bands. now i guess these things are pretty popular with the kids these days. i had never heard of them, but GRANDMA KAY (still cant believe she was up on the trends before i had ever heard of them) got some for the grandkids. the kids love them. it reminds me of the days of slap bracelets, EG socks, and BONGO shorts. fun memories of fads that come in and go out again.

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