Tuesday, April 24, 2012

taking a break

but you might have guessed that already since i haven't posted in a very long time.  this blog became something that felt more like a chore than a creative outlet for me.  so, I'm taking a break.  not sure if or when i'll be back.  I've enjoyed the time here on the blog, just need some time away from it, from the computer in general i think.  i can spend way to much time on it.  most times i feel encouraged by other mommy bloggers but sometimes i leave feeling like I'm not good enough, don't make enough nutritious dinners, don't spend enough time playing with kids, or reading my bible.  i get caught in the comparing. it isn't good for me.  so there are just a few blogs that i read now.  ones that appeal to me, not just because of the way the look and the photos and the design, or the awesome crafts they do,  but because the words these women share inspire me to be a better Christian, wife and mom.

Under the Sycamore by Ashley Ann
Whatever by Meg Duerksen
Contented Sparrow by Megan

thanks for joining me in my little space of the world wide web.  now go check them out. be inspired.


Tara said...

I'll miss hearing about your family but appreciate your honesty and willingness to take a break. I hope you'll be back though :)

Heather said...

Totally understand. I am right there with you...it's so hard not to compare and start feeling inadequate...which is so not true! But i too will miss staying in the loop. And you must know...you are one inspiring Mama. I would read your blog even if we weren't friends. :)
Love the pic. You are so beautiful. Praying for all the makes up your summer. Love:H

leah said...

I hope you'll be back too! You never give yourself enough credit... I'm so inspired by all the parties you throw and all the amazing activities you do with your kids. I literally want to pin all of them to remember to do with Emery as she gets older! Hope you are enjoying your break though, believe me I take breaks a lot :)

Kristin said...

Hey Bonnie,
I check your blog every now and then and I definitely do not think it was a coincidence I saw your post tonight. Tough day for me mother wise and I can relate to everything you said on SO many levels. I beat myself up all the time about not even having a blog or scrapbooks or not being on pinterest, etc, etc. It is toxic for me and most of the time I end up feeling like a failure wondering how everyone else can manage to do all this "except me". I had a revelation that to be the mother and wife I need to be I need to cut out the smart phone and computer time in a big way. So thank you for your honesty and for making me feel like I am not the only one out there that feels this way. Take care girl! Kristin

Linda said...

I love reading your blog any time you have a moment to post and will definitely miss keeping up with you and your precious family. I love the pictures you share, the ideas you bring to fruition, the party pics, and the honesty you bring to your writing. A good thing can become a burden if it puts undue pressure on you. Hope you post from time to time in the midst of your busy, busy life.
Love you Bon!!

kenzie said...

bonnie, your gorgeous<3

April said...

I agree with everyone else that has posted. Completely understand how much technology and the need to keep on top of a blog can feel less like a blessing and more like a curse. As for comparing, you'd be one tough cookie for anyone to ever match up to...you - as a mother, wife, and creative woman - are a complete inspiration to me. I will miss seeing your kids grow and seeing what you're up to, but glad you'll be taking the time to spend all those minutes and hours seeing them grow yourself! Love you!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of the young woman you have become and enjoying seeing you grow in the Lord. I love seeing your artistic side develop from when you were a school girl. I would encourage you to glean from wiser women, but remember you are uniquely made and He created you to be just the way you are. He knows the mom and wife your family needs. It is great that you are following the Holy Spirits leading and shifting your focus. Hopefully, we will get to peek into your world again soon.