Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas friends and family...

Thanks so much for stopping by to get another update on our family.  As I reflect back on the past few years and read over the letters I wrote in 2013 and 2014, I can't help but praise the Lord for all He has done and continues to do in our lives.

So, I'm going to jump right into it....I have wonderful news about A (Anna-12) and J (Jakob-9).   They were adopted this past summer into a wonderful family right here near us, whom they had already spent some time with previously!  GOD IS SO GOOD!!!

Last year this time, we didn't know if we would ever see them again or if we would ever have the joy of knowing they were adopted. Those unknowns brought me so much sadness.  It was hard for me to cling to the promises of my Lord.  His words and promises were suck up in my head but they were having a really hard time making their way down to my heart.  I am so thankful for friends who stood by me and continued to point me towards Him and His goodness.  Reminding me all the time how His plans are far better than mine, that He has great plans for Anna and Jakob and that He takes the broken and makes them new.  He takes our broken dreams and hearts and heals them.

I am SO thankful that God has given us the gift of seeing this huge piece of His plan for Anna and Jakobs lives.  I know that we were never promised that and we are so grateful.  We have been able to see the kids, write them letters and even have breakfast together over Thanksgiving break.  Their adoptive family is wonderful and very supportive of us being in their lives.  Again, an incredible gift that I do not take for granted for one day.  Please continue to pray for Anna and Jakob.  They are both doing really well in school and after school activities.  We are so very proud of them.

And here's a little update on the rest of us:
Jori is enjoying Kindergarten and learning so much so fast.  She has lots of friends and is a little social butterfly.  She keeps up with the big kids and keeps us laughing.  We sure love her spunky personality. Jori along with her sisters, all participated in their first horse show this year.  They all loved it and were so proud of their ribbons and can't wait for the next one.

Brenna is in second grade and doing very well.  She is following in her big sisters footsteps and becoming a great reader.  She tried out and made the basketball team at school, Go Bulldogs! We enjoy watching her play on Saturdays.  Brenna is quite our little athlete.  She is always doing cartwheels and flips and is also being a great little rider.

Raelyn is in fourth grade and part of a student leadership team.  She is enjoying playing the recorder and learning to read music.  I can see her love for music growing just like her big brother's.  Raelyn always has a book in her hands and loves to read the biggest books she can find.  She also enjoys riding horses and is looking pretty grown up when she rides.

Garret is in seventh grade and really enjoying playing percussion in the school band.  He tried out and earned first chair. He marched in his first parade and played in the Christmas concert and was even asked to play a song with the 8th grade band.  He loves to draw and create and make things.  He has also started getting up early a few days a week to join Dave at the gym.  He is growing up fast!

Dave and I doing great. God continues to bless and grow the company.  We are thankful for Gods continued provision and protection for our family.  We love camping and going on trips. This fall we had a great time as a family exploring Washington DC .  Dave enjoys his annual trips to south Florida to ride motorcycles with my dad and I continue to dabble with photography.

As I finish up this really LONG letter I want to include something that I recently read in my Advent devotional... " No matter what breaks the body and pierces the soul, God's promises find their yes in our Jesus, the author, the perfecter, the binder of brokenness. There is never a shortage of fear or voices of doubt. But if God has declared it, praise Him as though it were already completed.  In the end your song will ring true with the great things He has done." - Anne Summers.  I want my song to ring true this year with ALL the GREAT things He has done through Jesus.  I'm so thankful He loved me enough to send His son to fix all the broken.

Merry Christmas,
The Widmaiers

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