Friday, April 11, 2008

spring cleaning

so today dave took garret to work with him. they worked at the camp all day getting ready for a group that arrived tonight. with one less child in the house i guess i got an energy spurt and went crazy with the cleaning. I mean i got on my hands and knees and cleaned corners and then reached up high and got the cob webs off the celing. the house feels so much cleaner. i scrubbed raelyn booster seat, cleaned fan blades, washed windows.... i got a lot done. i probably should do all that a lot more often than once or twice a year, but hey at least it is once or twice right? well although i am tired i feel like i was successful and got something accomplished today. often i feel like i am just trying to keep my head above water, forget trying to get something done. hopefuly i can keep it picked up now for at least a few days :)

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Leah & Kyle said...

good for you Bon! I hate to admit it, but I've never cleaned my baseboards OR my ceiling fan blades... and I don't even have any kids taking up my time!! Glad that you blogged!