Tuesday, April 22, 2008

still learning

ok so i am still learning all the stuff and it is making me feel old that i am not catching on that quick. So here are a few more pics. These are of one of the sewing projects my mom and i did this past weekend. We made the bedding for my sister -in -law katies cradle. They are expecting their first girl the end of may and we are all really excited for them. They have two boys already and she wanted something a little more girly this time around. it was fun working with mom on this project. We also finished a t-shirt quilt for kay that was full of Long View Ranch shirts but i didnt take any pictures of it. oops. maybe once it is hung i can get a pic of it.

this is just a little shot of my garden that i am working on. we covered all the plants with plastic when the frost came and it seems like they all did ok.


Tara said...

Beautiful- You are so talented!

Leah & Kyle said...

your garden is gorgeous Bonnie... I'm so jealous I have no idea what to do with plants!