Tuesday, September 2, 2008

labor day weekend

so we took another trip to florida to spend our labor day at the lake in Sebring. because of the hurricane out west we didnt have great weather but we all still had a great time. i flew down with brenna on wednesday evening and then got to spend thursday with mom shoping and scrapbooking. recently i have gotten mom hooked on scrapbooking and she has started a book for scott celebrating his life and all its special events. it was fun working with her. i brought some of my things down and did 2 pages with her. she already has a ton of stuff so it is fun to share and trade different supplies.

dave and raelyn stayed in tn until garret was done with school on thursday and then drove down to fl. they took their time and stopped in orlando to have some fun daddy time. we all met up in sebring on friday evening. even though the weather was overcast and rainy the kids still had a blast. there was no lightning or thunder so the kids just played in the rain whenever it would come. raelyn had a ball playing in the puddles and having the rain drip on her head.

we all drove back together on monday morning. on the way back home we stopped and had breakfast with my grandma joan in ocala. she has never met the girls and the last time she saw garret he was only one. we met at Bob Evens for breakfast. i really enjoyed my time with her. the kids were well behaved, we had nice converstation and the food was good. it made for a longer trip back home but was well worth it. i hope the kids will be able to spend more time with her again sometime. how special to have a great-grandma.

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Tara said...

What a neat weekend! I'm so glad that you were able to go to Sebring and spend time with your family. So fun!