Sunday, September 7, 2008

picture post

so here are some of the pictures i have been meaning to post. for some reason i still dont have the part down. it takes forever and it seems like i always mess something up when i post pics. so here goes....

these are some pics of my art room and the desk and shelves that dave built for me. i still never got a chance to paint it all up but i am finally getting it set up they way i like it. i have two work stations so i can set up a desk with the sewing machine on it and i have a place set up to paint (although i have not painted since brenna was born , sad! )

these are pics from MOPS. the theme is Adventures in Mothering, like a carnival with roller coasters and stuff so we tried to decorate along those lines. there is also a pic of the project we did. we all made MOPS reminder magnets to put on our fridge so we wouldnt forget the times and dates.

this is a little dress i made for my girlfriends daughter. dave is out of town in Florida helping with hurricane stuff so i have been working on lots of projects. i havent sewn in a awhile so this simple little dress was a lot of fun. i love how the lining on the inside of the bodice turned out. i thought it would look really cute with a long sleeved shirt under it during the winter. i hope it fits :)

ok so that is all for now. i have to say Happy Birthday to TARA! love you good friend!


Tara said...

Thanks Bon! Love you too, dear friend!

And loved the pictures- Your craft room is awesome! And I think the craft you came up with for MOPS was a great idea!

Love you!!!

Ruth said...

I'm sooo jealous of your great work space. Hope you enjoy and have lots of productive time there. It looks awesome. Love the dress you made for Hayden. Good job!!!

Leah & Kyle said...

oh my goodness Bonnie I love all your pictures! From the room, to the magnets and the dress... you are so talented! I wished we lived closer, your art room looks like mine!!