Monday, November 16, 2009

flying high

we played outside and enjoyed the AMAZING weather last night as we waited for daddy to get home from his trip to florida. i pushed brenna and garret on the tire swing for a long time. the longer she was on the higher she wanted to go! (just like her big brother)
after awhile garret got off and started pushing brenna himself. she loved every minute of flying high while her brother pushed.

i hope you all are enjoying these wonderful days. it is hard to believe that thanksgiving is right around the corner! and then christmas is not far behind. wow the time flies.


Tara said...

What sweet pictures! I especially love the one of Brenna looking down through the tire swing. We just got back from the park where we enjoyed this gorgeous weather too! Doesn't feel like November, does it?

Ruth Poirier said...

what a beautiful day, i agree. looks a fun time too. hope you have some awesome weather for Thanksgiving. love the pics as always.