Sunday, November 1, 2009

halloween fun

this picture isnt technically correct but it so speaks to how this past week has been a blur of halloween "fun". tuesday we carved pumpkins and went to garrets school for "halloween halls". the teachers and students decorate the halls and then the kids can come and trick or treat. it is a lot of fun.
here are the kids with their pumpkins
the girls were 80's rock stars

and garret was johnny apple seed.
thursday raelyn had her class halloween party. brenna and i joined her. here she is with her cutie pie little friends.
then on friday morning we did truck or treat with our MOPS group. this is always a ton a fun for the kids.
and then on friday night, us adults had some fun too. we had a party with some of our family friends and all the adults dressed up. dave and i were 80's rock stars too! we had a blast.
then to finish it all off we trick or treated a final time on saturday. some good friends invited up over to their neighborhood. i can say i am officially halloween out! hope you all had a good one.


Tara said...

Whoa! That was a blur of Halloween fun! So glad that you all had such a great time...and I love ALL of your outfits!

leah said...

oh my gosh you and dave look TOOO real in that 80s costume!! haha hilarious, glad you guys had so much fun!

kenz said...

i can't believe dave has long hair, why didn't u tell me!? love u!!!!!!!!!!!!! u guys look great. love kenzie:)

mack said...

raelyn got real converse high tops !!! i want some !! mack