Friday, February 26, 2010

so refreshed

it is funny, but i really feel so refreshed having redone our master bedroom. the first time we drove by this house we new that we loved it. once we got inside there were a few things we werent to in love with but knew we could deal. there are only two real bedrooms in the house. they are both upstairs and we decided those would be for the kids. there was a room down stairs that we decided would be our bedroom. the room had a walkway right through to the kitchen and NO closet. dave closed off the wall last year around this time and that really helped with the feeling of our room but we were still living out of the upstairs closet and boxes under the bed. this May will be three years that we have been in this house... well we decided to take a much needed vacation down to south florida around valentines day. the kids had some days of school so we agreed that we would take garret out of school for a few days and really make a vacation out of it. just so happens that it snowed the entire time we were gone so garret didnt miss ANY school. while we were there, we had a spur of the moment thought to go to IKEA and look for some wardrobes. we had trailered daves motorcycle down with us so we had a trailer to haul our stuff back.

WELLLLL we found a little more that just wardrobes. we ended up with 2 wardrobes, 2 dressers (one with a mirror), a new bed frame and new curtains!!! we have SO much storage i cant stand it. the room looks so fabulous. i am so blessed and refreshed by it. i know it is just worldly things but it makes me very happy right now. i even dont mind putting clean clothes away (for the moment).

a better view of the new head board

dave exposed this 100+ year old fire place a few months ago too. he also built the mantel. for christmas we had the gas logs installed.
i love the history that hides in the bricks of the fire place.

i got some pretty picture frames and finally put some of the beautiful photos that Amber Holrtiz took for us last May. these are all set up on daves dresser. he said i made it look to pretty. still dont have anything hanging on the walls. just dont want to clutter it up. i love how clean and uncluttered it feels right now.

this view is fun b/c you can see all my clothes hanging up in the wardrobe. i love to hang my shirts and have not had that opportunity for a long time. this makes me very happy. it is the small things.....
so thats all. wish i had a before picture for you guys. so who else LOVES Ikea?


Ruth Poirier said...

wow, i was leaving a comment on 19 weeks, getting ready to close and a pleasant surprise!! more pictures, i LOVE how everything turned out. it is so refreshing to get things cleaned up and organized. working on that myself. what better place to go than to ikea to do it. yeah ikea!

Tara said...

Wow, Bonnie! I absolutely love it! What a difference from the way your bedroom used to look. It is really like a private retreat now, with that fireplace and gaslogs! And I'm such a sucker for organization that I am drooling over your dressers and armoires! Way to go!!!

PS. I've never been to IKEA, but one day hope to go! I hear it is one dangerous place!!!

Kristin said...

Those are the wardrobe closet things that I wanted from there. I love Ikea too!!! Your room looks amazing Bonn!!

leah said...

Bonnie your room looks SO good. I love everything you got, but I think my favorite is the old fireplace... how cool to have that in your room. So glad you have a place to hang all your clothes. You decorate SO WELL!!