Monday, February 1, 2010

raelyns 4th birthday

i am so far behind it isnt even funny. behind with everything really! so when it comes to the blog i have to let it go. i still am not feeling well and just dont have any energy to keep up with the kids and the daily grind of keeping up a house (and husband) as well. here are some pictures from raelyns 4th birthday party. we decided to have a pony party and bring lily home from the camp for her friends to see and ride. we were praying for good weather and God have us PERFECT weather. it was awesome. so on to the pictures.

here is a picture of the set up. dave cut me a piece of wood that we set on cinder blocks to make the table. all the girls sat on the floor around the table. it was so cute. i found these great tissue paper flowers at big lots on clearance and have saved them for just the right occasion. i LOVE how they looked.
each girl got a wooden horse to paint and a little treasure box to glue it to when it dried.

then we made "trail mix". each little girl had an ingredient to add to the bowl and then they all took turns stirring the mix.
then we made it outside where lily and daddy greeted us. dave showed the girls how to groom the horse and then we feed her some snacks of apples and carrots.
then the girls took turns riding lily. they were all really brave. everyone took a turn.

this picture makes me smile. raelyn is just soaking it all in while everyone sings happy birthday to her.
i wasnt able to get a fondant cake made for her this year. but we did have really yummy strawberry cupcakes toped with flowers and horses. raelyn had a blast opening her gifts and hanging out with her girl friends. it was nice just having the moms and daughters over for the party. garret was really bummed though. i really didnt think he would want to be at an all girl party but he had his feelings hurt that he wasnt supposed to be there. we let me join in towards the end. he is such a good big brother. all right. well that is all for now. i must keep getting other more important things crossed off the list. thanks for reading.


Tara said...

What a fun party! It looks like it was right up Raelyn's alley:) Loved it!

Heather said...

oh how i love big lots clearance section! that's where i got all the blow up fish for ruby's party. :) i just LOVE those flowers. they would stay up in my house.
what an adorable party Bonnie. Raelyn looks so cute! How amazing to have her very own pony to share with her friends. You guys have such a great house and yard to do such fun things for your kids. Hope you get some more energy soon!

Ruth Poirier said...

loved seeing these pics, i wonder if raelyn will ever realize she's actually living most every other girls dream of having a pony. loved those paper flowers too, i'm with heather, maybe i'd leave them up. feel good and keep posting.

Brook said...

Looks like it was a really fun party for Rae and her little girlfriends! I can't believe how old she is already!!!! Man, time flies. And before you know it this little bean in your belly will be 4, too. :) Hang in there... you are doing a great job. xoxo

kenzie said...

love you bon. wish u could stay at the house longer. MISS YOU. looks like the party was fun. why wasn't i invited?
love ya big sis
kenzie (your lil chick )