Thursday, January 27, 2011

jori 6 months

peek-a-boo guess who's 6 MONTHS!! so i am only about 6 days behind this time, not one month like the previous updates.
her first tooth broke through on her six month birthday. since then she has been sucking her bottom lip. so cute.
these next pictures make me laugh out loud. i was trying to focus on getting pictures of her sweet toes and she started grabbing the chub on her belly. :) so cute. i could just eat her up, and take photos of her all day long.

and yes, she is now scooting up on her knees! i am NOT ready for her to be crawling yet, but i guess she is. i am sure by the time i do her 7 month updates it will include crawling.

a few more 6 month details:
-i finished her bedroom
-she sits up in bath tub or in sink for baths
-sits up in a highchair at restaurants
-is still figuring out the food thing... poor baby has been very constipated. took her to doc and they gave us a few things to try, still doesnt seem to be helping to much.
-belly laughs at the kids when they talk to her
-holds a bottle
-gets tired of her toys and wants whatever the big kids have

i just love the baby stage. i think b/c the constant talking to and listening to of the big kids wears me out, i like it when the babies cant talk yet :) i just always have loved having them as babies. the lord has blessed us with really easy going babies and i am grateful.


Tara said...

Oh those pictures of her grabbing her tummy are priceless! What a cutie pie!

katiew said...

Are you flipping kidding me??? The mirror pic and the chub pictures are the the cutest pictures EVER!! So sweet. And I know exactly how you feel. I keep trying to suppress Gil but he won't have it....:(

Ruth Poirier said...

I thought the picture of Jori in front of the mirror is the best 'til I got to the one where she's grabbing her tummy, I also laughed out loud!!

Emily S said...

Absolutly adorable! I am going to eat her up while I am there, I may just keep her with us all week and get my baby fix! :)

heather said...

Can i have a bite please? Love it!