Tuesday, January 11, 2011

jori 5 months

so here i am trying to play catch up again before this sweet thing turns SIX months old on me. on dec 20th jori turned 5 months old. she is just the sweetest thing ever.
jori can sit up now without help. she mastered this by the time my parents were here to visit so it was fun for them to see her sitting up. she also loves playing with toys and now grabs the whole basket and spills them out to play with.
finally her sweet smile on camera :)
and this is her famous "sky diving" pose. we love it and crack up when she does it.

some other 5 month milestones:
-she has started some solids. mostly rice... and prunes to balance out the rice that is making her constipated :( poor girl. she has also had some peas and sweat potatoes. i am trying to make some of her baby food again as well. she is a good eater and has liked everything she has tried so far.
-some nights she sleeps straight through the night 11 hours, some nights she cries a little and goes back to sleep and some nights i am up with her numerous times. not sure what that is all about. i try hard to keep her schedule during the same pretty similar from day to day.
-she had her first christmas and first time out in the snow.
-her room is almost complete. finally had some time to sew the bumper for her crib. (pics to come)
-the kids love playing with her now that she is sitting up. she also spits up ALOT and seems to always get the kids. when she does spit up they call it a "spit up bomb" pretty funny. they laugh and then she laughs. it super cute.

well i hear the sweet girl waking up from her nap now so i better go.


Tara said...

She is a sweetie, and I love her little smile! And from what I can tell of her room, it is super cute too!!!! Isn't it so fun when they can start sitting up and playing with toys?!? Love this age!!!

Linda said...

The word is that she is as sweet as she is cute! Love these pictures showing what a big girl she is!