Thursday, March 1, 2012

HUGE transformation

well here she is... Daves new office space and ware house. isn't she beautiful? well, not here, she's not, but she becomes beautiful. Dave has big dreams, that's one of the reasons i love him so much, and the best part is that usually if he dreams it, it happens.
this building had sat empty just about a mile from our house for many many years. the roof had completely fallen inside, it was a MESS to say the least. reminds me a lot of this project.

but it had good bones, great location and a lot of potential.
dave met with the owner and worked out a deal and it became property of Reliable Building Services about 6 months ago.
the above picture is standing inside the building looking right up into the sky. nice sky lights if you ask me :)
the guys worked hard, and carefully, to take the old roof down without knocking the concrete walls down. this was a dangerous job and i did lots of praying while they worked.
photo above with with all the new trusses on.
i will leave you with on last photo of the inside before they started hauling trash to the dump.

dave is using 3/4 of the building for warehouse and shop space, the other 1/4 is for offices. last night i went over to the office to clean up a little bit before he had a big meeting today with a homeowner and architect.

i snapped a few photos with my phone before i left. it sure has come a long way!
the colors look really off, it is really more of a light tan, but this is the front lobby area. the door to the left leads into Daves personal office. we stained the old concrete floors. they have so much character, i just love them. i found the chairs at a used furniture store and re-did them. i love taking on projects as well. mine are just a little smaller scale. :)
still the lobby area
lobby again

the photo above is of the second office. dave has a whole crew working for him now. God has really been growing the business. we are blessed for sure.
this is Dave's office space. he has a great bright window to look out of during the day. the color is off in here as well, it is a medium dark brown. desks are from IKEA.
the chairs i got were 4 for $40 bucks. then i just bought two curtain panels from walmart for $12 to recover them. i love how they turned out. they just needed some cleaning, sanding, new urethane, and recovering. look as good as new... and they are comfortable.
i did some paintings for his walls.
rug is from walmart too. he still wants to build a big long work space in the back of the office but that will come with time. i'll try to get over there with my real camera too some time and get some photos of the outside and the workshop as well.

hope you liked the little tour of Reliable Building. If you are local to Greeneville TN and are in need of any home repairs or a custom built home give us a call. 423-342-4331.


Tara said...

Wow! HUGE is an understatement!!!! That is incredible!!!!! I want to see it in person :) Great job Reliable Building!!!

Ruth Poirier said...

You should put those pictures in frames up in the office so potential customers can see what Reliable Building Service can do for them!!!! Everything looks GREAT