Monday, February 27, 2012

multitudes 65-77

continuing the list:
65- time to exercise at the YMCA
66- that i actually ran 2 miles today
67- a shower alone and time to do my hair and makeup
68- sweet time with friends, talking about the lord and raising our families
69- grocery shopping done for the next two weeks
70- a menu planned out for the next two weeks
71- friends lending me clothes for our trip
72- my niece who is going to do an awesome job with our kids while we are gone
73- that we get to go on a trip of a lifetime-just the two of us
74- for friends meeting their newest daughter in China this weekend
75- for a delicious dinner made special for me last night by the Wids
76- for the plans coming together for a girls weekend
77- seeing life long friends being truly happy

1 comment:

Tara said...

I love these Bonnie!!!! So thankful that you get to go on this trip too~ And Happy early birthday my friend!!!!