Saturday, August 16, 2008

the turkey hunting party

wow, i cant believe it but 5 years ago we were sitting in a hospital room amazed at the life of our first son and now we are having archery birthday parties for him. this was his first official birthday party with guy friends from pre-school and church. in the past we had just done a family party. when we asked him what kind of party he wanted, he said he wanted a "camo turkey hunting party with bows and arrows" so that is what we did. dave and i always have so much fun planning stuff like this and coming up with creative ways to do things. sometimes we get a little carried away and have to keep eachother in check :) i actually found camo plates and napkins at kmart! dave set up his hunting tent and turkey decoys, we blew up balloons and stuck them all over a large target, and we made little wooden fish and fishing polls so the kids could "fish" in the pond. it was so much work, but SO MUCH FUN!

we love having people over and enjoying our backyard with them. when everyone got there we played in the backyard on the tree fort and zip line. then we did the fishing. after fishing, we had pizza, crazy bread, watermellon, and salad for dinner. after dinner, dave helped the kids shoot the bow and try to pop balloons on the target, the kids all did really well with it. we were so pleased. we knew garret would love it, but didnt know about the other kids. they all seemed to have a great time.

then garret opened his presents. he was so kind and appreciative for everything, and that made dave and i so proud. you never know how kids are going to be sometimes. :) all he asked for was this cool fishing poll that shot the line out like a rocket. he had seen a commercial for it and wanted it for a while now. my parents got him that and sent it up for his birthday. he LOVED it and was so excited. he also got a more advanced bow from daves parents. it is a childs compound bow. i tell you what, the kid did pretty good on presents.

after gifts, we had cake and cupcakes for dessert. i made a turkey cake and bunch of little target cupcakes. it was so fun working on it and i was so pleased with how it turned out. when garret turned two i made a sail boat cake and ever since then i have been making creative cakes for our kids and for their cousins. it is a fun thing for me to do so show them how much i love them by making something super special that no one else has.

so here are some pictures of our fun party. this sure has been a busy week. garret starting school and then turning 5! i am pooped. :)


Tara said...

So cute! You are so creative- You amaze me! What a neat theme that was right up Garret's alley! And I just have to say that the cake and cupcakes are amazing- WOW is the only word to describe it!!! Congrats on your little boy turning 5! Sure wish we lived closer so that we could be with each other for such momentous moments (plus not to mention have you make cakes like that for my kids' parties!!!) Love ya!

ruth said...

love love love all the happy faces at the party and what looked to be an awesome time for a 5 year old. sure wish we could be there. thanks for being such great and creative parents to our grandchildren. dave said you could come make a special cake for kenzie's b-day as long as it was not a princess cake so pack your bags. love ya mom

Leah & Kyle said...

BONNIE!!! You are so creative... oh my gosh that cake was unreal!!! I can't believe how big Garret is and his face when he's shooting that bow is hilarious... so tough!

Heather said...

AWESOME! i tell ya, you make parenting 3 children look like a breeze! of course i know it's's a lot of hard work...but you are doing a great job and making lots of fun memories for your kids to cherish. those are the things that matter!
and of course you better send that cake in to the website i sent you along with all your other ones. i love going to that site for homemade inspiration and your cakes are certainly inspiring!
miss you guys!