Sunday, August 10, 2008

twas the night before kindergarten

wow, so garret starts kindergarten tomorrow morning. it is hard to believe this is the beginning of a new stage in our lives. he will be in school for the next 12 years and that means we will be too :) to be honest i am really looking forward to him being in school. i think it will be really good for him. i am praying that he makes lots of friends, really enjoys his teacher, and just loves to go to school everyday. for the first two weeks of school the kindergarteners only go a few days to get used to going. i had never heard of this before but it really seems like a good idea. it gives the kids a chance to go with just a few other kids and lets the teacher learn their names and spend more one on one time with each kid. we will see how it goes. i think garret will be very tired when he gets home. he and dad went on a guys camping trip last night to celebrate going to school. they had a great time. i wanted to be there too. maybe next time Rae and i can go too. one more thing is that i am looking forward to starting a new tradition with garret. tonight the "backpack fairy" will be coming and loading garrets backpack full of all his school goodies and a new shirt to wear. what fun!


Tara said...

Ya'll are such good parents! I love the guys-only camping weekend and the pictures were great...What a great time they had!

And I think the "backpack fairy" is such a great idea...

Praying for you as your baby goes to Kindergarten! I can't believe it:)

Anonymous said...

hey chickie look, i found where i could leave a comment!! the place where the guys went camping looks awesome. we all need to go there. hope all ended up going well today, wish i'd of heard of the backpack fairy sooner, hope garret had an awesome day. and you too!!