Wednesday, January 20, 2010

snow days

the beginning of january we were hit with some really REALLY cold temps and quite a bit of snow for greeneville tn. in the past when it has snowed it never lasted very long b/c by the next day the temperature was back up. this time around we were in the teens for about 9 days! the kids of course loved how long the snowed stayed but it was so bitter cold it was hard to even enjoy it. it was also hard for me to enjoy it b/c it meant more days cooped up in the house with all the kids. garret had about 4 more days off school on top of christmas break due to the snow. but we were able to get out to the camp and do some sledding. so on to the pictures.

the dining hall covered with snow.

dad was in town to help dave finish up the house next door so he got to FREEZE with us.

all the kids took turns sledding with dad.
this is the lazy mans way to sled. george would wait at the bottom of the hill with the atv and a rope and bring you back up after your run. not to shabby.
it was fun but i am so thankful for the 54 degree weather we had yesterday! my body still runs with florida blood.


Tara said...

Love your pictures! Especially the last one of Dave and the kids!!!

Ruth Poirier said...

BRRRR! not sure if i'm sad i missed all that or not. it does look like fun though.