Wednesday, April 21, 2010


this post is especially for uncle scott because we know how much he likes bugs :)
we have caterpillars EVERYWHERE right now. this time of year every year they from these huge nests in the trees and then they fall out and are all over everything. the kids LOVE this. the other day they were collecting them but had no where to put them so we made some bug barns out of soda bottles for them to keep and watch their new friends.

i love garrets dirty, tough, just like daddys, boy hands.


Ruth Poirier said...

ooooo caterpillars everywhere!!! an endless supply. i think uncle scott would just love that. dirty hands, messy hair and bugs. a dream come true for most kids. hope the caterpillars are gone by july.

ruth said...

hey this is a test

nicole said...

Oh I miss those country days! We just have roaches the size of cats here!
love you guys!