Thursday, April 8, 2010

grand pop nelson

daves grandfather passed away the end of march just a few days before his 87th birthday. He sat down in his chair to take a nap (like he did every afternoon) and woke up in the arms of the Lord. his passing was a big shock to all of us as he had just been to church with us on sunday morning and helped serve rolls to the group of students that were out at the camp on sunday evening. he had passed away monday afternoon. we were all sad we didnt get a chance to say an official "good bye" but were so thankful that he had passed peacefully in his own home, just they way he would have wanted. grand pop lived out at the camp right next door to daves parents. in the last year he had gotten very sick, became saved (which was such an answered prayer for all of us), got much better, got involved with the camp, took us for rides on his fancy cart and just really became a peaceful and loved child of god and loved family member. he will miss him. that is for sure! but find peace knowing he is in a much better place. here are some photos from the last or so.

stirring the apple butter. nothing kept him down that is for sure. he was still mowing the fields with this tractor last summer.
serving campers some yummy dessert .
holding brenna. i am so glad the my children have had the joys of growing up with a great grandpa on daves said and a great grandma on my side. we are praying they will remember and hold on to little memories of these special people in their lives.


Linda said...

Oh Bonnie, what a wonderful tribute to Grand Pop Nelson and what a wonderful way to begin life in the very presence of the Lord. The pictures are wonderful and will be treasured by you and your children in the years to come. No matter their age, it is still very hard to let a loved one go, and their absence is sorely felt. You, Dave, Kay, George and the whole family will be in my prayers.

Tara said...

I'm sorry to hear of his passing, but praise the Lord that He drew Grandpop Nelson to Himself in the last year! What a neat way to end your life: serving others and loving God...falling asleep and waking up in the presence of the Lord.

Ruth Poirier said...

loved these pics of grand pop, we loved him and will miss him. he's dancing and skiping on the streets of gold.

Heather said...

Hey Bonnie, so sorry to hear about Grand Pop Nelson. Please share my love and sympathy with the rest of the family. He was such a sweet, gentle soul. He will surely be missed.
Praise God for redeeming it all!
love and prayers,