Wednesday, April 14, 2010

easter- better late then never

well these are late but i still wanted to post them. i have enjoyed looking back at how our family has changed over the years and i want to continue to do that in the years to come. this is kind of like a "year book" for our family.
family photo... me at 25 weeks prego, garret is 6 1/2, rae is 4, brenna is 2 1/2.... right now it is pretty overwhelming thinking about adding another wid kid to the mix.
garret much happier about this clothing this year than last :) check out photos of last year. these still make me laugh so hard.

still a thumb sucker... hard habit to break.
getting ready for the great egg hunt at our friends house.
we had a great easter. we spent saturday evening with daves parents, coloring eggs, eating an amazing meal, and hunting eggs in the woods. the kids had a great time as usual. then sunday we went to church and then spent the rest of the day at our friends house. had another great meal and egg hunt for the kids. the fellowship was sweet and so enjoyable. we are blessed by some great christian family friends.


leah said...

you look great Bonnie! Looks like you guys had a wonderful Easter!

Ruth Poirier said...

i always love your picture on the swing. garret does look much happier this year :)

Scott and Nicole said...

Bon- love the dresses and love the braid in Rae's hair! Great Job you are so incredibly talented!
The family pic is amazing and beautiful- we miss and love you guys tons!

Scott and Nicole said...

Bon- LOVE the dresses and LOVE the braid in Rae's hair- Great Job! You are so incredibly talented.
The family pic is amazing and beautiful, we love and miss you all tons!