Monday, July 12, 2010

4th of july

the kids and i spent the 4th of july with some great families. we were unable to be with daddy because it was the first night of sr high week of camp. like i said in the previous post, we are truly blessed with the friends we have right now. friends that are like family when you cant be with family. we spent the afternoon in the pool, ate yummy burgers and then waited for the sun to go down to do some fireworks that garret and i had picked out. he is getting old enough to know what he is missing out on if we hadnt done anything. it was a really fun night. it made me miss dave a lot with the fun that we had with the other families. we will have to have another pool and picnic night soon.
garret jumped off the diving board for the first time and LOVED it! he is such a good swimmer this summer.
a few wid kid pics

giant sparklers!


Tara said...

That pool looks so nice, and the sparklers looked like so much fun. Sorry that Dave wasn't able to join you~ Jamie was on a mission trip with our youth too on the 4th, so he missed our festivities as well:( Glad that you had some friends to hang with though!

katie said...

bonnie, i can not get over how much the kids look just like you! maybe it's because i never saw dave as a kid, but i just see your face in each of them!! xo