Thursday, July 15, 2010

art show

after science week, we had art week here at the wid house. the kids really enjoyed this week, as did I :) it was garrets idea to have an art show and display ever thing we had created. we planned for a time that daddy would be able to attend and it was also when gram, papa p, and kenzie could be here too. grandma kay and cousin katie even stopped by. the kids were so proud!
i painted this sign for the show. it was the first time i have painted in about 2 years! it felt good to just slop some paint on a canvas.
these are our 3D sculptural pieces. the idea is from Family Fun magazine. I just love that magazine. the kids REALLY enjoyed this project. through out the week we had different vocab words again and talked about a famous artist that also worked in the medium the kids were working in.
we started out with color theory and made color wheels. we talked about primary and secondary colors.
then we did abstract tape art, where we put down pieces of tape on the paper and then painted with water colors over the top. then you could peel the tape off and see the design.
impressionist paintings like those painted by manet
garrets self portrait! i was so proud of him. he really loved this project. we talked about proportions and how to draw features that really looked like what he saw in the mirror. he took his time and i just love the finished product.
this is brennas tape art.
and this is raelyns free time water color art. it was super fun. hope you enjoyed the art show too. :)


leah said...

Bonnie this is seriously the cutest thing ever. You do such a great job with them, I LOVE all their artwork. And I am sure they were all so proud!

Heather said...

How awesome! What a wonderful idea! I'll say it again...destined for homeschool....someday. ;) Garret's self portrait is AMAZING! What a treasure! Love the block heads too. I don't remember seeing them in the magazine, what issue were they in? We need to do that project. My bin of recycleable "to be art" stuff is getting out of control. I need to put it to good use :)
Praying for you every day. H