Tuesday, December 21, 2010

4 months

alright.... so i am going way back here now to catch myself back up. yesterday jori turned 5 months, but this will be all about her being 4 months old.
jori is officially a thumb sucker like her sister brenna. i have been fighting it hard to not let her suck it. i loved when brenna first started to suck her thumb. it was so darn cute. now as a three year old who has her hand into everything and then puts her thumb in her mouth it drives me crazy. when i saw that jori kept finding her thumb i would take it right out and give her the paci back. jori got to the point where she would pull the paci right back out and drop it. smart little kid! so i have given in... she is an official thumb sucker.
jori also found that she has toes! she love them! she even sucks her big toe sometimes like it is her thumb.
- a few other stats (i have been SO bad at writing down everything jori has done. i was so good with the first three, but have been terrible with jori, so sorry sweet baby)
- she has ben sleeping 7 to 8 hour stretches, still in the cradle next to our bed, while the guys worked on her new room
- so playful, loves when the big kids talk to her
- weighs 17 lbs
- likes to sit in bumbo seat
- loves to play in exersaucer
- just before she turned 5 months i gave her some prunes to help move things along and she ate them up like candy! we will be working on cereal soon.

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Tara said...

She is such a cute thumb sucker!!!! So happy to see you blogging. I miss you friend!!!