Thursday, December 23, 2010

jori's dedication

well, the blog marathon didnt happen because my internet was acting funny. so i will try again.
the sunday after thanksgiving we had jori dedicated back home at our church in tennessee. we drove all through the night saturday to get back for sunday morning. the kids did great. mom and dad were a little sleepy. we wanted to do it at this time because two of our good friends were also having their daughters dedicated at the same service. jori is the first of our children to not be dedicated at Spanish River, our church in Florida, but it was important for us to have hers done with the good friends we have made here.

while we were in florida for thanksgiving mom whipped up this beautiful dress for jori. i mean seriously, it took me longer to pick out the fabrics than it did for her to sew it. she is so good! it turned out just beautiful and we picked fabrics that would match dresses that she had made for the girls as well. it was both traditional, in that is was long, and non-tradational, in that it was not all white. i just love the way it turned out. thanks so much mom! you are the best!

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