Tuesday, December 21, 2010

thanksgiving 2010

a quick thanksgiving recap....
we SO enjoyed being in WARM sunny south florida for thanksgiving. the kids did great traveling down there and loved every minute of being at grams, papa p's and kenzie's house.
the thanksgiving table was beautiful and prepared by many hands. dave shot another wild turkey this year so we brought that down and cooked it on the grill again. mom cooked a traditional bird in the oven, so yummy. aunt donna, uncle john and jessie were all in town and helped with the cooking as well. grandma and aunt margaret brought over some food as well.

the day after thanksgiving we went out shopping on black friday. i didnt get up as early as mom and aunt donna but met up with them for the fun and good deals. we did get some really great deals. dave always thinks it is so crazy what they do, but it pays off. i love to watch mom and aunt donna get so giddy about the deals :)
saturday the girls helped gram make monkey bread while we waited for aunt nicole to arrive. she had to work at the hospital for thanksgiving day and the day after. we didnt get to visit with her as long as we would have liked, but we sure enjoyed the time we did have.
uncle scott and aunt nicole loved spending time with jori and jori loved it too :)

the kids had a great time with my cousin jessie as well. she is great with them.
then we took advantage of everyone being in one place and set up the tripod and took some family photos.

so that was our thanksgiving. we had a great time while we were there and then came home to more things being done in the house. we were excited to get all the finishing touches done.


Tara said...

Wow! What a fun Thanksgiving! Loved all the family pictures too!!!

PS. Glad you got some deals! I've never been out on black friday but love to go the day after Christmas!

Linda said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving you were able to have with the whole family! I love all the pictures and the fact that everyone managed to sit around one table together for your dinner! My how everyone has grown up...both brothers now with beards! Beautiful family!

Ruth Poirier said...

Wow we had alot of food and people at the table!! looking back it doesn't seem like it was that much. We sure enjoyed having all of you with us, love ALL the pictures you captured.