Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Raelyns 5th Birthday Party

so we had a little party for rae for her fifth birthday. she wanted a "girlie" party. she calls Barbie's "girlies". she said she wanted a "girlie" hair brushing party. so i thought that might be really fun and we could brush and braid her little friends hair, but she said she didnt want to do that with real, just the "girlies" hair :) so thats what we did.

i decorated with blue, green and yellow.
gram made her a sweet blue cupcake dress. thanks gram. we love it :)
we had lunch and then the girls all got to pick out buttons and flowers to make their own hair bows. i think they had a really fun time picking out all the fun things to make their very own.
then she opened her gifts and got a few more Barbies with long beautiful hair to brush.
then we had yummy cupcakes.

i found a tutorial on how to make these sweet cupcakes stands on this blog. She has the cutest party ideas!
and one last picture of me and my birthday girl. cant believe she is 5! that seems so grown up.


Kenzie said...

Omg too cute!!! I love these I would love it if u could email these to me so I can print them out and scrapbook them :) love u and give that girl a great big hug frm Kenzie <3

katiew said...

so sweet! I love the colors. And I have the same socks you're wearing. :) lucky girl to have a mama like you.

Linda said...

You are so creative! I love how you pick a color scheme and coordinate everything. And the cupcake stands...adorable! Might have to make a trip to Michael's and get started on some of these. I can think of lots of other uses for them as well and your colors were so pretty. Raelyn is so gorgeous and looks like her party was exactly what she wanted.(I can't believe she is 5!!)

Jules said...

i always love the wid birthday posts. you are so creative and make such special memories for the kids. thanks for sharing your pics and your ideas! happy birthday to your sweet little girls.

Tara said...

Girl, your creativity amazes me!!!! I love the color scheme, the little cupcake stands, the hairbows ,the cake/cupcakes...I just love it all! And all I can say is that we could put on some major parties if we lived in the same town! I have so many ideas that if I had your creativity, they could actually be put into being! I loved it all!

PS. Happy birthday Rae!!!

leah said...

SERIOUSLY LOVE all this stuff that you did!! Great job Bonnie, love the colors!!

heather said...

What a fun and sweet little party! You're a good Mama. :)