Tuesday, April 5, 2011

and the angels rejoice

i am embarrassed to be posting this GREAT GREAT news so long after the fact but on July 30th, 2010 Garret prayed and asked our Lord to be HIS Lord and Savior!

we had communion at church the week before and he watched dave and i take part and i told him to just pass the plate on and that he couldnt take it at this time. he asked why and i explained that it was only for people who have asked Jesus to come into their hearts and be their savior. he told me he had and i said we could talk about it more after church.

when dave and i talked with him, he was so calm and serious. his mind and words were clear and it was evident that he understood what Christ had done for him and was ready to make the decision to follow him and live his life with His guidance. dave asked garret if he wanted to pray with him and garret said no, he wanted to do it on his own. so he prayed the most genuine prayer.... and the angels rejoiced!

and so did we!

we were so proud of him. this all happened on Friday and then at church on Sunday morning he said he wanted to get up in front of the congregation and let them know of his decision. he follows in his momma footsteps when it comes to shyness so we were so proud of his decision to do this as well.

our friend snapped this photo of us after the service.
right after this is when school had started school and we were all having such a hard time with his original second grade class. i was sad as i felt that the spiritual warfare for his heart had already begun. i was also encouraged by this in a way.... the devil knows he is a threat now! He has Christ on his side. we pray for you daily garret and pray that you will always seek the Lord. through Him ALL things are possible our prayer for you is that you love him with all your mind, heart and soul.

love you so much, Garret!


Tara said...

Oh how wonderful Bonnie! What a sweet testimony of Garret's genuine decision as well as yours and Dave's parenting of him. Rejoicing with you!!!

Ruth Poirier said...

this was such great news when you first told us and just as exciting this time. we pray for garret and all of you daily. big steps in little hearts!!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful testimony of God faithfulness! It is such a blessing to watch our children walk in His ways and acknowledge Him as Lord and Savior. God Bless you Garret!