Saturday, April 30, 2011

april here and gone....

i seriously cant believe how fast this month has gone by.... i am going to do a quick recap with photos of our month.
at the beginning of april, papa p came up for a board meeting for the camp and got to come a day early. we enjoyed his company and playing with him at Fun Expedition.
we have been enjoying the park and picking dandilions and making wishes :)
brenna taught herself how to swing! serious! it took raelyn forever to learn and then the other day brenna hopped up on the swing and said, mommy, watch this. and just did it. she said raelyn taught her. she learns so much from the big kids.
the girls and i have been enjoying the back yard. i love mowing the lawn and working in the garden.
the caterpillars came out in full force this year. one morning after a big storm they were just EVERYWHERE. the kids loved it. i thought it was a little creepy. this is just one small cluster of them.
i got a new rug for our family room. an AWESOME deal. i love when i find great bargains. it is a wool rug though and is going through a shedding process. i read up on this and i guess it is normal but it sure is a mess right now.
snuck a few pics of a precious sleeping baby. she likes to cuddle her blankets now. i love watching my kids while they sleep.... and its oh so quiet :)

jori loves her daddy and his hat. she talks and giggles with him all the time.
we got a trailer full of black mulch and the girls helped me with it. raelyn loves to be dirty! this girl was black from head to toe. when i put her to bed that night she said, this was the best dirty day ever!
jori turned 9 months on april 20th! cant believe it. i miss her babyness already. more pics of her 9 months coming up soon.
garret received an awesome package from our friend who is over in Iraq right now. Captain Shipley and his crew from the hospital sent garret a shirt that they all signed. garret has been praying for the Shipleys every night and Jody wanted to thank him. what a GREAT thank you. garret was so proud of his shirt.

i made this fun little bunny shirt. one for rae and one for brenna. they were really easy and fun. i want to make a few more of them with different shapes. here is the link i found to make the shirts.
april 22 we all headed to florida on a PLANE! the kids had a ball. they had a great time on the planes and an even better time with their aunts and uncles in florida. i had a great time with my brothers and sisters too.
more on easter to come a little later.
april 27 tornados hit our area, we were safe but just up the road from us there is terrible damage. i am so thankful and grateful for our safety but so sad for my "neighbors".

april 28th my wallet was stolen out of my car at the park, my stomach is in knots about it. makes me feel very uneasy.

april 29th garret had his second annual American Cancer Society Mini Relay for Life. his school raised $31,000. and second grade brought in the most money :) so proud of him. you can read about our walk from last year here. i am sad to say that Mr. Todd lost his battle with cancer last year, but rejoicing is saying the Mr. Bakers lasts tests have come back clean. We continue to pray for complete healing for him.

april 30 my parents celebrate their 34th wedding anniversary. hope you guys have a wonderful celebration. Love you LOTS.

so that is our month..... that seems like a long post but a really short month. hope to stay better kept in may.


Tara said...

Loved your April update. I'm with you; it has flown by!!! Can't wait to hear all about your trip to FL! Love your Easter pic :) And love hearing about all that you guys are doing in your backyard too. I bet its beautiful!!! Sorry about your wallet. That makes me uneasy too. Love ya!

Ruth Poirier said...

Careful when you sleep or even when you blink, time really flies. I enjoyed your April post, love seeing all the kids doing life, sleeping and getting dirty and getting surprises in the mail. You have an awesome family and we sure enjoyed having you here for a few of those days in April.

Linda said...

Good to have you back and posting again. Tara and I couldn't believe that April came and went that quickly, but sure enjoyed your re-cap. Thankful your home wasn't hit, but certainly praying for the South and all the devastation. Loved seeing all your activities through the lens, especially everyone wheeling their suitcases to fly fun! Many thanks to Garett for praying and walking for Mr. B.