Thursday, April 28, 2011

scary night

i sit here in my completely intact house, with the power on, kids watching cartoons all morning and i'm in shock of the night we had last night. we spent most of the night watching the news reports of tornados all around our area. we even got the kids up out of the bed and spent some time in our downstairs bathroom all together. the Lord protected us and i am so grateful but so many people are not sitting in their dry homes with the electricity on right now. the county we live in, greene county, was hit hard last night with severe thunderstorms, hail and tornados. the area that was hit the hardest was camp creek, just about 15 minutes from us. dave is actually working on an addition on a house out there. so he has spent much of his time recently in camp creek.

people have lost homes, farms, animals, cars and even their lives. dave is out there now checking on the house they are working on. i got a call from him and he said the house is fine, but MANY are not. he and his crew brought chain saws out too and are helping cut up trees.

my heart aches today for the people who have lost so much. i pray for them and their families and am so thankful for the lord protecting mine. i feel guilty for having so much right now.

praying for:
the rescue teams still looking for people trapped in debris
the families that have lost their homes, especially the children
the families that have lost loved ones
the role my own family can play, lord show me whatever it is that we can do to help

here is a link to our local news paper if you want to read it.


Abby said...

So thankful you're safe, Bon. Dan's area was hit hard too, but they're fine-- he's been on rescue crews since last night.

:) A

Ruth Poirier said...

we're praying too and are so VERY THANKFUL for your safety thru last night

Tara said...

So glad that you are okay. I've been hearing so much about AL and didn't know TN was hit too. Praying for you guys as you serve your community!