Monday, December 12, 2011

Dave's 40th SURPRISE birthday party

part of the reason i was so behind on blogging is because i was getting ready for a big surprise party for dave's 40th birthday. we had a great time. people traveled from far and near and really surprised him. we had an 80's themed party for him in the dining hall out at the camp.

i hung pictures in all the windows, decorated with tables full of junk he has saved. he is a pack rat for sure! or maybe just sentimental.

i tired to find a dress that was similar to this prom dates dress. i found this beauty at a thrift store for 2.50. it was a light teal and i dyed it to try to match it to the color of his dates dress. it turned out pretty good and REALLY funny.
more photos over at the dessert table. we had warm, gooey brownie with every kind of mint topping you could think of.... Daves favorite.
centerpieces for the tables.
almost everyone came dressed up. it was a blast.

some great friends of ours from florida made the trip up and then hung out with us for the weekend. we had a really wonderful time with them. ryan and kristin, thanks SO much. we enjoyed every minute.

more about Daves big gift coming next :)


Tara said...

Such an awesome party! Sure wish we could've made it!!!!

Linda said...

Love your prom dress and so happy you could surprise Dave. That is a major accomplishment right there! Sure wish we could've dropped in for the party...