Tuesday, December 13, 2011

his gift

an even bigger surprise than the party was, was his gift.... dave has been wanting a jeep his entire life and as his birthday drew closer, he kept declaring that he was going to have a mid-life crisis and buy a jeep. i of course thought this was ridiculous.... one, you can't declare you are going to have a mid-life crisis, it just kind of happens and two, a jeep would be the most impractical car for our family to own.

after i thought about it more and more, i started talking to dad about maybe trying to get one and surprise him with it. he works harder than anyone i know and loves to give people extravagant gifts, so i thought i was time to turn the tables on him and blow him away.

well.... only with Gods direction and timing, dad and i found a 1983 jeep c7... fully restored and in amazing condition. it was about an hour from our house. when dad and mom were here in november he went and checked it out and we got. the guy we bought it from was a christian and so nice. he gave us a great deal on it.

when it came time for me to give it to him, i wanted the kids to help me. so wrapped up some clues and handed them to him one by one. the first being a bottle of touch up paint and the last being a toy jeep with a key attached to it. he didn't know whether to get excited or not.
i told him it was for real and he needed to go outside and check it out.

it has a few kinks we are trying to work out but i think it is going to be an awesome treat for my MOST awesome hubby. i can't wait to go on date night with him in the jeep.

Happy Birthday to the best part of me. You complete me, truly. I wouldn't be who i am without you. We all love you so much.


Tara said...

oh my goodness, Bonnie. You know how we always say our husbands are so much alike: IT IS JAMIE'S DREAM TO OWN A CJ7! I can't believe you splurged and surprised him. You inspire me that maybe I need to do that for my hubby too :) Love ya!

Linda said...

Oh my goodness...what a gift! So happy everything worked out for you and your Dad to find one closeby and in such good shape. Definitely a God thing! Can't wait to see pictures of the two of you on a date in the Jeep! Happy Birthday to Dave!

Malinda H said...

Bonnie, sweet, Bonnie. The love you have for your husband and your family is so very precious and inspiring. I am truly blessed to call you friend. This post is so AMAZING in so many ways! U totally rock!!!! Keep it up girl God is working in and through YOU!!!!