Monday, December 12, 2011

thanksgiving 2011 with the wids

I'm having trouble making my pics big... maybe i forgot how to do it, it has been so long since i have blogged :) above is a pic of the whole crew at thanksgiving. i will try to name everyone for you...back row: debbies children, meghan,katie, hunter, sydney, george and kay, ryan (debbie's adopted son) debbie. middle row: bonnie with jori in lap, dave, brenna, raelyn, sam, steve katie with ruthie in lap, jessie (debbies foster boy) front row: garret and jake.

thats a big crew! i hope i will have 11+ grandchildren one day :) the weather in east tennessee was just amazing for thanksgiving this year. it was great because when the house got to crowded with all those people in it, we could just send the kids outside. they played on the basket ball court, we took a family horse back ride, built and launched rockets, and built ginger bread houses. oh and of course we ate a lovely meal. katie and i even got to sneak away for a little while and do some black friday shopping.
the boys playing in grand pops "man cave"

snuggles with grandpa

we had a great thanksgiving. lots to be thankful for!

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