Saturday, May 31, 2008

"I have some questions about God"

so last night i was tucking garret into his makesift bed on the floor of our room at Grams house and he asks me if i am busy. i kind of was, it seems like i always am, i was trying to get the girls into bed too, but he looked so serious so i told him i needed to get the girls into bed and that i didnt have a lot of time but he could ask me one thing. he said it would take a long time because there were a lot of things he wanted to talk about. so again i said he could ask me one question and then we talk about the rest in the morning. he said he had some questions about God. since we have been here in Florida and garret has been with kenzie, they talk about god all the time. i sometimes here parts of their conversations and it makes me smile. so last night the question he chose to ask me was "if we have questions for god, how come he cant answer us back?" so WOW how do i answer that one. i told him the best i could that God hears us whenever we talk to him and that he even knows what is in our hearts and heads and that God doesnt have a voice that we can hear but that he gave us the Bible that has lots of answers for us. he still looked really confused. there have been a lot of things lately i have not been able to answer, not just about god but life in general. i hate that i dont always have concrete answers for him. he is wanting to know so much right now.! i pray that the lord will give him some clearity (as much as a little 4 year old mind can manage) as he thinks and talks about God with mackenzie. we are so proud of you garret!

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Tara said...

Precious, precious, precious. My heart started racing in my chest as I read your entry. What sweet questions that are running through his head and forming the foundation for his belief system for life!

So proud of you for taking the time, despite trying to get the girls in bed, to talk with him and answer his question. I think you answered it great.

Children at the age of 4 are most definitely able to grasp concepts about God- about sin, grace, love, and the Bible. Keep up the conversations with him, and maybe even grab some books from the Christian store about talking with your kids about God. There are many good ones out there.

Love ya, and can't wait to hear more stories like this one!