Saturday, May 10, 2008

it's been awhile

Here is my sweet little Raelyn with her new big girl haircut. I cut it myself. i think she looks so grown up and sweet. daddy would prefer it to be long but it was just getting so shaggy. i was pretty proud of myself with how it turned out and we saved 10 bucks.

i think we are finally getting the hang of potty training. it has been a tough road for me and raelyn but i think we are getting it. she has been wearing big girl underwear now for three days. was have had a few accidents but i think it is starting to click in her little head. we have long road ahead of us i am sure, but at least she doesnt pitch a fit when i sit her on the potty any more. we made a little chart and she gets a sticker and jelly bean every time she goes :) yeah for raelyn and only one kid in diapers!!!!

my little monkey.... one morning last week garrets calls my name for me to come and see something and this is what i find. this kid is such a strong boy! he would be a great gymnist! the joys of boys.

he is also a great helper. we made him a chart too. his chart is for doing chores around the house like feeding the dog, taking his plate to the kitchen after meals, and folding his pj's and putting them away in the morning. he loves the chart and getting to put stickers on it.

last but not least is baby brenna trying to CRAWL. i cant beleive it. i just dont want her to grow up and change. she is such a sweet spot in my day. i love her so much. she also finally had her first tooth break through this week.

so that is the update on us. looking forward to a great mothers day weekend.

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Tara said...

Happy Mother's Day, Bonnie! Just checked in to see pictures of your three precious children- I love the chart idea for both Raelyn and Garret. And I can't believe how big Brenna looks trying to won't be long now! So proud of you as a Mommy- You do a great job! What lucky children you have to have you!