Thursday, May 22, 2008

Potty Training = Cavities

well sweet little raelyn has finally started using the potty. it seems like it has been forever but she is just now 2 and a half. my goal was to get her out of diapers before brenna was born, now that brenna is 7 months she is getting the hang of it. she used to scream when we set her on the potty, she just didnt want to do it. she wasnt scared or anything, she is just strong willed and didnt WANT to. we tried all sorts of things to entice her to use the potty. all we had to do for garret was offer him a jelly bean and he did great. we tried stickers, toys, candy, mini marshmellows, anything and raelyn just didnt care about any of those things. so one day i was folding laundry and she took one of her shirts upstairs to help me put it away. when i was done folding everything i went up to check on her and she was in the drawer with all her panties. so i asked her if she wanted to put some on. she said no, i said yes, and then we put some on. she had a a lot of accidents that day but i think it was starting to click with her. she liked picking out which panties she wanted to wear and then we did make a chart with stickers and she got a jelly bean each time she peed. she really is doing great now, so that is where the cavities come in. i started thinking i had created a pretty bad habit. one of my great friends suggested giving them pennies in a jar and then when they earned 10 or so you could take them to the dollor store. i think that is a great idea and it wont decay their teeth! so we are now moving on from candy and on to another fun treat. the Dollor store, everybody loves the dollor store, even me!


Brook said...

Hey Bonnie... the pennies are a great idea! I agree, over an extended time the candy could be a problem. Haha.

By the way, I replied to your last email saying that you think your email isn't working. Did you get it? I have one of the scrapbook pages I did for you posted on my blog.

Leah & Kyle said...

good thinking!!! Glad it's starting to click for her!