Friday, May 2, 2008

mini vacation

so this week Dave and i flew over to Raleigh to visit Tara, Jamie and the twins, Natalie and Nathan. yep, that right, we flew. now that dave has his pilots license we can sneak away for short trips. what would normally take 5 hours of driving only took us 2 hours of flying.

it was so nice to hang out and fellowship with some great christian friends. tara and i were best buddies when we were little kiddos and we have kept in touch for all these years. the Lord is good to have kept us so close. we were only there for about 24 hours so we tried to make the most of every minute. we played with the kids, walked over and saw the new building for their church Stoney Hill, had a good lunch at home, caught up on lost time, looked through scrapbooks while the guys talked about guns, had an awesome dinner at Texas Roadhouse, yummy dessert at Goodberries, and then stayed up and played games til almost midnight. dave and i both had a great time, we both felt like it was a little hectic tyring to get back so quick and wished we could have stayed longer, but we also felt like we were refreshed after being with good friends, having good conversation and relaxing.

we brought brenna with us and she was awesome as usual. the big kids stayed with grandma kay and grandpa george.

here are some pics of our little trip.

Brenna attacking her new friend

bath time fun

tara and i with brenna, natalie, and nathan

the kids... notice brenna and natalies matching outfits.... just like the old days. tara and i would play baby dolls for hours and loved dressing them up like twins, just so happened that i brought a shirt for brenna that natalie had also. so fun!

to see some other great pics check out taras blog at


Tara said...

Loved your pictures too! So glad that you all came up- Definitely a short and sweet trip, which just makes us want to spend more time with you! We'll have to do it again, for longer than 24 hours! (Loved the picture of Brenna attacking Natalie- It made me laugh out loud again...almost as much as when it happened!)

Leah & Kyle said...

So cute! I'm so sad that I missed you.. glad you guys had a great time!