Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Brenna's ONE!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! i cant believe she is one. this year has gone by so fast. today brenna had her one year well check up which meant she also got 4 shots! poor girl, but she did so good, as usual. she also decided to take her first few steps. she will be walking soon that is for sure. we didnt have a party or do anything special for her today b/c we are going to have a party for her on saturday. uncle steve, aunt katie, sam, jake, and ruthie will be in town so we are going to do a little party then. i am going to try my hand at my first cake decorated with fondant! i made the fondant today b/c you can store it for awhile in the fridge. it seemed pretty easy, hopefully it will be just as easy to roll it out and lay it over the cake. we might be making an emergancy run to food city for cupcakes the day of. we will see. i promise to blog and post pics of the party. for now ckeck out how much brenna has changed....
one month
two months
three months
four months
five months
six months
seven months
eight months
nine months
ten months
eleven months
one year!

1 comment:

Tara said...

She took her first steps today! Way to go, Brenna! Right on time!

Loved the sequence of pictures too- What a great idea!

I know that you will do great with the cake. Can't wait to see pictures. Are you making the bird one?